Sims 2 won't load on new computer - help?
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I found this forum through searching for help with this issue, but still can't quite fix it. I got a new computer for my birthday this week, but it won't load The Sims 2 at all. At most, if I go through Origin, I get a blue screen. Every time I open it, I get a crash error that says "This application has crashed. This application will now terminate." with no error codes or any other details.

I've attached the config-log. My computer has an Intel Core i7 processor, running on the 64-bit OS.

Please let me know if you need any more information about my computer set-up and specs.

We've added the graphics card to the database and updated the graphics rules with the correct resolution and graphics card, we've run the application in several compatability modes (Vista, Windows 8, etc), run it as administrator, run through Origin, run from a desktop shortcut, run from a downloaded version of the game that doesn't go through Origin. We've updated all my drivers and DirectX, but it still won't load.

If anyone has ideas on how to get it to run, I thank you very very much!

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Update: My husband reverted the new computer back to an older version of Windows and turned off auto update. It works now.


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