The Sims 2 laggy and bad performance
#1 27-01-2018 
I have a laptop with gtx 960m, i5 6300hq and HD5400rpm and Windows 10 Version 1709.

My Sims 2 Ultimate Collection has been showing performance problems, I have already tried to reduce the graphic qualities, and the game has a significant drop in FPS.

I tried all the solutions in leefish and other places, did everything and still did not solve my problem.

 I manually uninstalled Securom (instructions here)

I tried graphic solutions here:

i use a texture fix provided by celebkiriedhel:

I installed the 4gb patch found here:
I tried to run in compatibility modes, without success.

I also used CFF explorer, NON-CD Exe, and Graphics Rules Maker.
I also re-installed the game recently, and it did not help.

i tried make this tutorial:

I really do not know how to fix my game anymore, since I've tried everything and it still continues to perform poorly.
My game is running with administrator properties, and also with the 960m card.

Below is a video of my game performance, plus some information that may help:

Thanks !

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#2 27-01-2018 
Have you tried disabling Game DVR? Or removing it completely? Don’t know if this will help but it is next on my list of things to try. May be unrelated, don’t yet know.

#3 28-01-2018 
I disabled the DVR and still the problem continues ....

I really wanted a solution, I'm extremely sad by the situation.

#4 28-01-2018 
@Augusto - Thank you for trying that. Did you just disable it in Windows Settings or go through all the steps, including registry edits and xbox uninstall, from the link above? I am definitely not saying you must do all those steps if you don't want to, but please let us know which ones you did. I will try reg edits and nuking xbox, just haven't yet. Always make a restore point before messing with the registry.

[edit] I tried registry edits and xbox uninstall on my machine. DID NOT HELP. I do not recommend doing it. Game DVR seems to have not been the problem for me and undoing all those steps is a pain. Don't count on Windows restore points either. My restore point utterly failed to work. Whined about an antivirus program when all I have is Windows Defender. Seems Origin went and updated itself after I made a restore point and damn Windows just couldn't handle that change. Said Origin would be affected by a restore and then said it couldn't access a file (Origin's?) because of antivirus.
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#5 30-01-2018 
You're sure the game is using your NVIDIA graphics, not Intel?

#6 30-01-2018 
When you open Nvidia panel, what is the card selection setting set to? It’s near the top. Instead of ‘let app decide’ or similar, set it to always be Nvidia.

#7 31-01-2018 
I believe I'm running with the dedicated graphics (960m), even more because I've used graphic rules makes (which inserts my board into the game database) and by displaying "high performance nvidia processor" by default.

Thanks for trying to remove the DVR on your machine, I still had not done it in mine.

I have an image of how this option is:

(It's in Portuguese, because it's my real language)

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#8 31-01-2018 
I used this program recently to limit my fps in the games to 60 (since some passed, and this could overload the gpu).
Do you think I could modify something with this program, to eliminate those laggy that the sims 2 generates?

is a suggestion ... I do not know if the program would favor:

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#9 31-01-2018 
Quote:My Sims 2 Ultimate Collection has been showing performance problems, I have already tried to reduce the graphic qualities, and the game has a significant drop in FPS.

Sorry for asking new questions, don't have answers to the ones you've posted so far.


Was the game previously running with acceptable performance, and then it got worse?

If so did it happen all of a sudden?

#10 31-01-2018 
The game always ran with this problem, never had any time that it was "Normal" and perfectly fluid and then it got worse.

Thanks for the help of all!
If anyone has something I can do to solve my situation, it would be of extreme help.
I will continue checking the posts, and responding with whatever information I have.



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