Sims 2 crashing after Windows 10 update
#1 31-01-2018 
Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. About two weeks ago, Windows 10 ran an update, and it completely refoobulated my game. I fixed the issue, and that allowed me to limp along for about another week, but yesterday I started having issues again. Any time I attempt to rewrite the Graphics Rules SGR (either manually or using Graphics Rules Maker) to fix the display resolution, the game crashes randomly (in CAS, in the Neighborhood, inside a lot, there's no real pattern).

I have tried the following:
• Performed a cold install, with both Ultimate and DVD versions
• Fixed the Video card .sgr
• Run the game with no CC
• Read all of the related help forums on this site, and tried the various fixes.

I've attached the Config log and the latest exception log. I'm hoping it's a fairly easy fix.

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#2 31-01-2018 
Unfortunately, Windows 10 fall creator update (version 1709) + NVIDIA series 10 cards (possibly) seems to be a kiss of death for many people:

For me personally, rolling back to Windows 10 1703 has been the only fix (I've been testing on different systems, my thread is the second one there). But it's not viable to just stop updating Windows forever >.> So we're in a bit of a bind, but as more and more people like you start new threads, at least more eyes are on the problem.

#3 01-02-2018 
Hi, gwynne.

Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize that specific update/ OS/ Graphics card combo affected so many people, or that others were having the very same issue. I will continue to check the forums periodically to see if there's a fix, but wow... Windows 10 shut down a lot of us.

I appreciate the promptness, and if there is any potential fix, please please please let me know.

#4 01-02-2018 
@ocelotekatl - I believe you tried many things, but without telling us what they were, we can't be as helpful.

You might find some helpful suggestions in my thread. gwynne, I and several others have been pounding our heads against this brick wall for several days now. First post lists what I did to get the game sort of kind of working on my machine. Gory details in the thread. It's quite long, sadly.

[edit] Oops, gwynne already linked to this. I shouldn't post sleepy.

#5 02-02-2018 
Hi, Cat!

Thank you! I read the instructions on the original post and followed them as well as I could. I believe I got most of the kinks hammered out of the Graphics Rules .sgr. The 4GB patch thingy is what did the trick, I think.

I had a bit of an issue with the flashing pink soup in Desiderata Valley, but switching to Medium and back to High texture details resolved it.

I still have to test it with with my CC, but I was able to get the game up and running with no CC. No crashes while loading lots, neighborhoods, or CAS. If the issue persists, I'll let you know.

#6 02-02-2018 
That's good news! Let us know if it works or if you run into any other issues. *fingers crossed*

#7 04-02-2018 
Hey, all. Just an update.

It looked as if it was working for about 15-20 minutes, but suddenly crashed with no warning.

I'm probably not the most tech-savvy person ever. For the record, I've got an i7 with 4.2 ghz and a Titan X under the hood (yes, I'm one of THOSE people). More than enough visual memory to run the game.

When I was struggling to get the game to work, I did a full system restore. It apparently didn't work; I currently have the 1709 update (the really f***ing bad one) installed. As I don't have an update history anymore, I don't have an earlier version to roll back to.

Currently running with the No-CD .exe and the 4GB patch thingy. For some reason it's still hemorrhaging visual memory.

I appreciate the valiant troubleshooting efforts, gwynne and Cat. At this point, I have four projects in various stages of development and all are sidelined until I have a stable version of the game again. I don't know whether to pull out what little hair I hair remaining or to pull Windows 10 out of my hard drive with a pair of rusty pliers and go back to Windows 7.

#8 04-02-2018 
@ocelotekatl I guess, if you've seen any of my posts in other threads, you'll know what my advice would be: if I were in your position, I would immediately go back to Win7. But of course, I would never *be* in your position, because I'm already running Win7, and not planning on even moving on to Win8, let alone Win10. So there you have it. The autistic Win7 user has spoken up. Big Grin

#9 05-02-2018 
Hi, BO.

I agree wholeheartedly. Again, I'm not the most tech-savvy guy ever, and It frustrates me to no end that Win10 keeps breaking my Sims 2. A friend (the same friend who built my last two rigs) says that while Win10 may be newer and shinier, it has some major compatibility issues, and Microsoft is in no great hurry to hammer the kinks out of it. I should have taken his advice from the beginning and started with Win7. Lesson learned.

For those who continue struggling bravely with Win10, I salute you.

#10 05-02-2018 
Well, see? If you got the same advice from the tech guy friend who built your last two rigs, you know it's sound! Good luck on the conversion, friend.


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