Sims 2 Ghost possession
#1 10-02-2018 
Hello everyonewave

Okay so I was sharing paranormal experiences with my cousin and I suddenly had a thought; is there a mod that allows for ghosts to possess a living sim? Like how they jump in objects and make them float or teddy heads turn. How awesome would it be to have a ghost jump in a sim and freak them out a bit? Has this been discussed before, any yays or nays??

#2 10-02-2018 
Hahaha, the idea! I've never heard of a mod like this, but I think you should suggest it at MTS, where still a number of modders are active.

I'm already dreaming up scenarios... Suddenly you see a sim doing something that is completely out-of-character for that sim. And when you later check their memories, they have no recollection of it, because they weren't really in charge: a ghost made them do it, and you didn't know! Rofl

#3 12-02-2018 
Oh my gosh yes. Imagine the hilarity and chaos! *screech* I love sim ghosts, even though they can get annoying. I'll see if anyone bites there and let you know Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option