Sims2 Crash and Terminate CAS
#1 11-02-2018 

.txt  DESKTOP-K105IG3-config-log.txt (Size: 9.86 KB / Downloads: 448)

There is my entire file, I am sorry in advanced for any step by step directions I will need.

I am operating on a Windows 10 with the 1709 update.

My Sims 2 double deluxe (nightlife and celebration stuff) constantly crashes, usually during CAS but lately it's anytime I enter a lot in any neighborhood. I have uninstalled the entire game and reinstalled it. Then to make sure it wasn't my laptop I am using, I reset my entire laptop. I have tried to also run it as administrator using any previous Windows version before 10.

Any help?
.txt  DESKTOP-K105IG3-config-log.txt (Size: 9.86 KB / Downloads: 448)

#2 11-02-2018 
@JosephineSIMS - Thank you for starting a thread, this way folks can find you easily. Smile In addition to your config-log.txt, can you please also attach your graphics rules and video cards .sgr files? Please also attach your dxdiag.txt file. We will start from those files and then see if anything else needs changing.

I can see that the game is using your Intel graphics card. Do you have a second graphics card in there, maybe an nvidia? We want to be using that if you have it. Also, regardless of what card you have, we want to make sure the game finds it in the database. It is not finding yours. We have instructions for doing all this I can link to in a but I can help more when I see those other three files.

Finally, looks like your CPU is 2095, I think Kiri said we want at least 3000, if I recall. Was the game running okay before the Windows update to 1709?
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#3 11-02-2018 
@CatOfEvilGeniu I know nothing about graphics cards, could you maybe instruct me on where to find them?

I've also recently just bought my Sims 2, so the Windows 10, 1709 is the only thing I've been using the Sims 2 on. When I first tried to create a sim it crashed even then. Ever since the first day i've gotten it the only way I can make a sim is randomizing it quickly.

#4 11-02-2018 
JosephineSIMS - I would be glad to help, but first I need to see those other three files please.

In Windows search, look for graphic*.sgr and then look for video*.sgr, that will get you the graphics rules and video cards sgr files.
Then in Windows search, type dxdiag. Then run dxdiag. Then press Save All Info. Then you'll have the dxdiag.txt file.
Without all those files, I can't help you much.

#5 12-02-2018 
@CatOfEvilGeniu I am attempting to add the files you are talking about, but they are not attaching at all. I am pressing the choose files buttons and etc. I don't know what is going wrong. Even when I tried to open said files, they ask what program I want to use to open it with, I am very confused.

#6 12-02-2018 
@JosephineSIMS - Did you make sure to press the Full Editor button at the bottom first? Then click the Choose File button and use the file selection dialog. Don't have the game running while you do this. Maybe it has the sgr files locked or something while its running? Are you able to attach the dxdiag.txt file at all? We can start with that.

#7 12-02-2018 
Yes I am pressing the full editor, and I don't have the game running in the background. I don't know, I've even tried to add my config-log to see if it was the files I was trying to use, which did work, but other than that the files you are asking for are NOT cooperating. @CatOfEvilGeniu

#8 12-02-2018 
Leefish has set up the the attachment system so that it only accepts .txt, .zip and .rar files and a number of graphical formats. All other files types are not accepted, and that includes .sgr. The .sgr files, therefor, should first be put in a zip or rar archive.
But as I said before, the .sgr files should actually not be needed if you have the config-log.txt and the dxdiag.txt.

#9 12-02-2018 
Anytime I attempt to look up 'dxdiag' I can't seem to find one that says dxdiag.txt, there is only sims2exceptions are showing? @BoilingOil

#10 13-02-2018 
There is no file named 'dxdiag.txt.' until you've run the 'dxdiag' program at least once and told it to save all data.

So click the "Start" button, click "Run...", type dxdiag, and then click "OK". Let it run its program, and then click the button "Save all data". Then, when you look for dxdiag.txt, you WILL find it.


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