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#1 25-02-2018 
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Hi everyone. Glad to be here. I've been at this game since 2005. Can't say I'll be giving it up anytime soon. I did stop for a long time, due to bad computer that didn't have the gusto to handle my downloads lol. Then health reasons kept me away for a while. After that, I held a full time job that took a lot of my fun time away and in the end got laid off. So now I have a small cleaning business and it keeps my bills paid. And, thanks to Facebook Marketplace, I got a good computer (Dell Optiplex 780 with 8GB Memory and 912GB Hard Drive) for $50.00. I decided to reload the game and see how it goes. I noticed a lot of websites I liked are gone, but some remained. The fan club for Sims 2 is still going strong. So I'm sticking with my Sims 2. I hope to make new friends here and have fun when I can. Here I am up at 3:30am CST writing this LOL. Thanks.

#2 26-02-2018 
I am glad that you are here, I think that this site has a good set of friendly people that are also quite helpul if you have problems.

There are still a fair number of good Web sites that feature Sims 2, my favourites are this one, MTS, MATY, InSim, Simlogical, and Simbology.

There are others but those are my favourites, and there also a large number of people with a tumblr account devoted to Sims 2 and there are a number of people that have a page with Live Journal page and there are some more that have a blogspot.com page.

For being such an old game there is still a number of web sites and a number of people that still play from what I can see.

Me I am going to play as long as my iMac will hold out.
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#3 27-02-2018 
Welcome to Leefish! Most of us are die hard TS2 players here Smile

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I appreciate the welcome. I found Black Sims Pearl backup files site (I had a lot of CC from there), I'm in download heaven LOL. Been busy building houses. Trying to create my ultimate city.

If anyone is looking.....


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