bodyshop crashes on certain pages
#1 28-02-2018 
SO my only issue for my cc as of now is for bodyshop type of cc. Mostly in male hair(two hairs) and one female hair and female adult clothes.

Is there a way to get rid of it or is it just a guid issue?

#2 28-02-2018 
Even if it is 'just' a GUID issue, it's actually going to be a real problem. Because the moment you use either of those hairs or clothes on an actual sim, the game is going to throw up just as must as Bodyshop is right now for you. The correct way to fix this issue, is to delete the hairs or clothes that cause BodyShop to throw up.

#3 28-02-2018 
well thankfully it isnt the guid. the bigmesh issueis the case (i did a scan on simpe and after i disabled the ones) my bodyshop loaded faster but took out a lot so. oh and maybe also cuz i forgot to tick bodyshop to use more than 2 gb thats possibly why it loaded faster

#4 28-02-2018 
Yeah, if a large number of hairs or clothes are based on the meshes that you removed, then disabling/deleting them will indeed remove a lot from the game. But that way, at least you can play without trouble Smile


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