Constant in-game crashes?
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I'm trying to run this game on my sad little Win10 laptop and it's... not working at all. It seems to do okay in CAS and Neighborhood mode, but it can play a household for anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes before the whole thing just crashes. I'm not playing in high resolution mode, and I don't need to, I just want to play.

Here's my config log. I think I know what I'm doing? But I am not quick with computers.
.txt  DESKTOP-J5DGAHI-config-log.txt (Size: 10.49 KB / Downloads: 341)

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In short: that is what Windows 10 does. No definitive fix so far.

Longer answer: read some more on this forum.

Also make sure it's not some mod doing it.

You can try changing your Graphic Rules.sgr and Video Cards.sgr in your game install location (Program Files?) in The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff folder. You have ready to use templates here:

How to do it explained here:

Few recent examples of threads discussing Windows 10 issues below:
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