The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection - Crashing Everytime I Load A Family or Open CAS!
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Recently I added some CC and a few mods to my collection and now when I try to play the game, I get half way to loading a family and it crashes. It is the same in CAS. Before you ask, I have tried removing the CC and Mods and it didn't make any difference. I've tried using the Compatibility Launcher, Changing the Version of Windows etc etc. Do you think that there is a chance one of you could please help me? (I am on Windows 10 Version 1709)
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#2 21-03-2018 
When you removed the CC and mods, did you also delete the .cache files? It is important that you do, or the game will still go wrong, because those caches point to locations within the files that you have removed.

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Yes I tried this just now and it made no difference. I took it all out and deleted the .cache files and it did not work. The problem still occurs exactly the same as it was before.
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#4 01-04-2018 
Ok it looks like you are using 1 gb of memory. Did you apply the 4 gb patch? if you did, it isn't working. If you didn't it would really help with the crashing.

I recently had a problem myself after a power supply/surge/graphical issue where my computer lost the ability to use the patch. I had to do some finagling to get it back.

the 4 gb patch is here

you can also do it with the cff explorer (available at the same site) basically you patch the exe itself. I would make a back up copy, although it does itself as well but I am ocd and overly cautious that way Wink

If you did apply it, and it is now no longer working, let me know because I will probably forget to check back. You can message me here, and I will get the message Smile Also I am assuming you have a computer that is 64 bit, with over 4 gb of ram installed. There are precautions if you are on a 32 bit that are different.


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