Disable the "self-delete if dead" code?
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Hey, everyone. I am always interested in the game's internals and how the game handles stuff and I was wondering if it'd be feasible to remove every "Is this Sim dead? if so, delete them" check in the game so deceased Sims can then be summoned via InSimenator / whatever else and can be played as.

I tried (and absolutely failed) to replace the Function - Main - Remove Ghost BHAV with the normal Function - Main (which all living Sims use) and this allowed the ghost to stay on the lot once summoned outside of the typical haunting hours, but it made the game lag immensely! No idea why this happened. My only possible guess is the game was spawning tons of controllers or something.

I've heard tons of stuff in the game will actually check if a Sim is dead (whether it be socials or just objects) and it will immediately delete the Sim off the lot if it comes back as them being dead.

My goal here is this: I want to know if someone like me (who doesn't really know how to read BHAVs at all) could pull off such an over-the-top mod like this?

Oh, and this is for personal use. I wouldn't distribute it since I know nothing about BHAV editing and I would hate to ruin someone's neighborhood if they installed my mod and it caused a ruckus.

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Hi Frogz,

Good to see you around.

Over the past 14 years, since the TS2 Base Game was first released, many modders of varying skill and quality have come and gone. And as different as they may all be, they have one thing in common: None of them would ever be described as 'someone who doesn't really know how to read BHAVs at all'.

I have dabbled a little in modding myself as well, and although I still doubt my own abilities, I do have a reasonable understanding of how to read BHAVs. Because that is the least that one must be able to do, if one ever wants to get any modding done.

And yet, neither I, nor any of those other modders - most of which were way smarter than me - have ever come up with a way to make ghosts controllable for longer than a split second.

So please don't take it personal, and please forgive me, if I express my doubt that you - who admits to not being able to read BHAVs - will ever get ghosts and dead sims to do your bidding. Because as long as you don't know how to read BHAVs, your chances are not good, I'm afraid.

I do not *want* to discourage you, because new modders with new ideas are to be welcomed, encouraged and helped where possible. But if I were you, as long as I didn't know how to read BHAVs, I'd give up this endeavor, and find a more productive hobby Smile The only way to improve your chances, is to dive into learning how to read BHAVs.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the honesty! I do appreciate it. One of these days I'll dedicate some time to really learn BHAVs inside and out.

And, to be honest, I think I should start with a much smaller project than something so complicated (removing all of the checks would be a nightmare!). Maybe someday I can really make such a mod (still for personal use though, since I'm sure it would be hard to make a mod like this and have it be issue-free).

BHAVs are like if you expected me to write Chinese while blindfolded (I can't read / write / speak Chinese, so that makes it all the more worse. XD)


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