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The original poster seems to have later edited this post to contain some illegible drivel that wasn't related to anything this site supports. I've removed it and suspended their posting privileges. They will not be able to do that again!

Best regards,
BoilingOil, global moderator, May 27th, 2018
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Weren't you already registered here as Cmomoney (Cmo for short)? Why this new account with unspeakable name?

#3 12-04-2018 
Is confused too!

#4 17-04-2018 
Hello, I'm also Cmomoney. I'm 40-something and also live in Tennessee. I also got my start in Sims modding reading tutorials at MTS. My main craft is also meshing, but I also tend to dabble in just about everything. If I'm not making something, I'm reading a tutorial on how to make something. OP is NOT me. But hi anyway. Smile

#5 17-04-2018 
Nah. I'm Cmomoney. I'm 50-something and I've driven through Tennessee a time or three. I also got my start in Sims modding reading tutorials at MTS. My main craft is meshing too (!!!) but I pretend to dabble in other things, my favorite thing being playing with the CRES to see how fast I can make my game crash. If I'm not making something, I'm planning on reading even moar tutorials so I can pretend to dabble in even moar things. Neither the OP or Cmo are me but I couldn't resist dabbling in a reply.

(HI!! Long time no see here!)

#6 18-04-2018 
Hey there Cmo, long time no see!

Missing you too, MLC!

Love to both xxx

#7 20-04-2018 
CATZ! Good to see you still around, dear. I've missed you a lot. How's you doing?

#8 27-05-2018 
Hey BO! Sorry, your reply escaped me somehow. Smile

I've been doing as well as I can lately - had a heart attack (that I didn't know about at the time it happened) and then went into congestive heart failure a few weeks after that. THAT ended me up in the ER and then in the ICU for a week and a half. BUT I'm still here!! And doing well according to my heart doc. I've scaled back my "MLC-ness" quite a bit and you know what? I'm rather enjoying my laid-back lurker status. (No, seriously, I'm so bored I'm going bonkers BUT I know it's all for the best in the end... AND that I'll be allowed to do more eventually. Smile )

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I'm so sorry to hear that, sweetie. Glad you're still around, though.
Don't worry about missing my post originally, though. I'm just glad you've found it eventually. Smile

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A matter of fidelity to, fidelity to Lee and to each other, the fabulous eternal community of The Sims! Smile <3



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