Nvidia Quadro 600
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Hi there,

hopefully someone can ask my question...

I have a Dell T3500 with a Nvidia Quadro 600. The operating system is Linux - Ubuntu-Mate 17.10
The graphics driver is Nvidia 340.104, not the latest, but the last that run "hibernate"
I have WINE staging 3.5 with patches for running SIMS 2 original from CD with DirectX 9.0c on WinXP / 7.

SIMS 2 is installed, starting and run. The installed Quadro 600 is not detected by the game.

1. Default resolution is 800*600 ; Can be changed in "Graphics Rules.sgr" and worked fine with 1024*768
Changing everything in game resolution or details works also.
2. Entering into a family the screen goes mad. see .pdf

I have tried adding the device id to the "Video Cards.sgr" from Kiri but nothing happens.
A new config-log.txt is uploaded.

So my question is:
Is it possible to get the Quadro running? It is a midrange 3d card with 1024MB which should run the game fine.

So please don't be confused about Linux and Wine. It is working like a VM. So in fact, the problem is detecting the card by the game or maybe by DirectX.

The Nvidia Geforce GT 430 you will find in the "dell2-config-log.txt" is the equivalent desktop card to my Quadro 600.
This is done by a registry override to force card device ID to be the GT 430 because the 600 is unknown to Wine.

Every help is welcome


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