Sims 2 DVD Win 10 CAS Crashing
#1 04-05-2018 
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Can someone help me with this?
I know for sure is not crashing because of my custom content.
My game worked 2 days ago so i don't know what happen.
Also when I go to the game my sims are glitched, i can't do anything with them (they just stand in one place glitching) and their 'avatars' are blank.(where their faces are)

I tried instaling 'graphic rules' to the folders and it didn't worked, so i need help. (I'm sorry if I made a mistake somewhere, English is not my native language)

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.txt  LENOVO-KOMPUTER-config-log.txt (Size: 14.97 KB / Downloads: 344)

#2 12-05-2018 
Did you use the ram memory patch? try this:

Dowload patch:

After this process, try this:

To finish, you must remove the CACHE from the game, and it will recreate these files again when you log in again:

Try this and tell what happened.

#3 13-05-2018 
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Okay I will try this!


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