Are we sleeping with the fishies???
#1 09-06-2018 
Several site features seem to be broken. Sad
Leefish no longer responds, even to PMs. Sad
Apart from Ginnie's posts, nothing new has been happening for several weeks now. Sad

Is the new Atlantis? Sad

#2 09-06-2018 
Aww! Sad Lee, I hope you are well! Let us have news from you! has been a treasure.

#3 11-06-2018 
Yes, I miss Lee too Sad

#4 11-06-2018 
Uh OH! Is something wrong with Lee? I hope not! Heart

#5 11-06-2018 
Yeah, that's what I'd like to know. Lee hasn't been responding for a few weeks already and I'm worried.

#6 11-06-2018 
Is there any possibility to know where exactly she lives and/or to get a phone number, either wireline number or mobile one?

If any one can have one of these pieces of information, please tell us / me, but only by PM, please. Lee is a discreet person and it's respectful to hold on to her discretion.

#7 12-06-2018 
Here is ALL the information that I have about Lee: she's from England, but lives in the Netherlands, in a town or city in either the province of Overijssel or Gelderland.
Also, I know her real name. But I wouldn't use that even in a PM to herself. Let alone that I would EVER tell anyone else.
Finally, I seem to remember that her partner's first name starts with a B, for whatever that's worth.

And I guess that Lee knows equally little about me.

#8 12-06-2018 
For what it's worth, she seems to have been on FB fairly recently, at least her account has been "green" in my messages bar. I think she's just burnt out and pulling away from the sims community. She said something to that affect last time she was here, if I recall correctly.

#9 13-06-2018 
I didn't even know she was on FB...

#10 14-06-2018 
I think she pretty much just plays games on it. She's not an active poster or anything.


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