Pink clothing glitch on bodyshop
#1 29-06-2018 
hey guys! I downloaded some uniforms school stuff for sims 2 and after loading it up, the clothes i downloaded were all pinked out? How can I fix this?

#2 29-06-2018 
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If it's blue/pink then it's probably because you don't have the mesh to the custom content.

#3 30-07-2018 
This is month old post but in case you haven't tried it yet: Delete accessory.cache. group.cache and cigen from (my) documents > EA Games > Sims 2 folder (they should be there after all the folders) and then in the same place find folder called Thumbnails and delete everything inside it. That should hopefully fix the pink flashing for the time being. If it keeps happening constantly consider deleting some custom content. Going through this might help some too:

Also to add to what soeimi said, objects flash blue if they don't have meshes, clothes will display as maxis clothes. Meanwhile if you have pink flashing it means you're out of texture memory.


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