Exporting relationship data?
#1 30-06-2018 
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Hi everybody, new poster here.

I've been spending a lot longer than I am proud of trying to remake my favorite old 'hood with all of my families, and it has been extremely annoying (but I hope, eventually, satisfying). I've made my handy-dandy Rufio sheet of all the information I'd otherwise be taking down by hand or in notepad files, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a similar option for exporting the relationship data of sims? I figure it's a longshot, since all of my digging has come up with nothing, but if anyone knows of a way that I can avoid these ridiculous notepad files, I'd be so grateful I might cry at this point. Or, even if there isn't an option like that - does anyone else have any tips for rebuilding old hoods? What are your techniques for big projects, and getting them done in timely manners?



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