Sims 2 Ultimate Collection WILL NOT Open in Higher Res Than 800x600 NO MATTER WHAT
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Hi guys,

I recently reinstalled the sims 2 ultimate collection via origin again. I have a Windows 10 laptop with dual graphics cards. I have an Intel® Graphics 630 card, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 card. I have tried everything under the sun that I can think of to get this thing to boot in a higher resolution but it refuses to budge. I have heard that there are issues with nvidia cards so I have the program set to run with my intel card only.

Things I have tried:
Using the graphic rules maker to update both my Graphic Rules.sgr and Video Cards.sgr files.
Adding both graphic cards to the Video Cards.sgr and then trying to only add the intel one as I read somewhere on the internet that adding both can cause issues.
Copying these files to EVERY SINGLE expansion and stuff pack Config and CSConfig folder in my game directory and replacing the old ones.
Setting the Seti Low, Medium, and High options all to 3.
Setting the option ScreenModeResolution settings to all be 1920x1080
Following the step by step instructions from here:
Repairing my game files and starting all of these steps over one by one


If anyone can PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong it would be much appreciated. This is driving me up the wall.

.txt  MSI-config-log.txt (Size: 10.39 KB / Downloads: 389)


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