Commanding Sims to Kick the Can
#1 13-08-2018 
[Image: TS2-SanguineKicksTheCan01.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SanguineKicksTheCan02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SanguineKicksTheCan03.jpg]

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I love Sims who can be commanded to kick their own trash cans! They're sources of virtually unlimited compost! Big Grin

But what parts of a Sim's make-up determine whether or not that Sim can kick over trash cans on command? I know that Grouchiness is a factor (like Sanguine and her two entire points of Grouchy/Nice there), but not all of my Grouchy Sims can be commanded to kick over trash cans. So I assume that there are other factors contributing to a Sim's willful hostility towards trash cans. Does anyone here know what those factors may be offhand? Confused
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#2 13-08-2018 
Maybe also sloppiness? I doubt a clean freak would kick over a trash can no matter how grouchy they get!

#3 13-08-2018 
I usually don't have sims kick their OWN trashcans, but I *do* make a sport of taking command of some walkby sims who are known to vent hostility by kicking other sims' cans. When they do, I take command, and force them to clean up the mess and pick up the can. That way, they help the resident of the lot I'm playing by increasing their compost reserves.

I believe the two most important factors are: a low Grouchy/Nice score. and a not too great relationship with the owner of the trashcan. But I've never seen sims who could be persuaded to kick their own cans... If such can be done, though, then I think @fanseelamb is right that Sloppiness might have something to do with it.

#4 13-08-2018 
For a moment, I was thinking that it might be something to do with a combination of Grouchiness and Playfulness (since Sanguine's a natural Games hobbyist, so Grouchy and Playful), but these are good points about Sloppiness. I'll have to pop back in-game and see how she rates on the Sloppy/Neat scale, since I've forgotten offhand. All I do remember is that she had a Want to get to Cleaning 4, so I made her clean every toilet, sink and shower in the dorm...

[Image: TS2-SanguineCleansTheCastle01.jpg]

...and it's a pretty big dorm, with lots of bathroom fixtures...

[Image: TS2-SanguineCleansTheCastle02.jpg]

...yet she still didn't quite make it to Cleaning 4. So she's probably not exactly a perfect 10 in Sloppy/Neat. Wink

I'll take a look, though. Smile

#5 14-08-2018 
I suddenly realized that there is a different factor: A sim's current happiness, or their "Aspiration meter"! As aspiration gets lower, the sims is in fact less happy overal at the moment. This may make their destructive tendencies show. Even reasonably friendly sims may act grouchy and piss off others; serious sims may play cruel or rude pranks on their friends; and somewhat neat sims may litter and kick cans.

The grouchy, playful and sloppy ones, who already did these things, may go overboard with those tendencies now...

#6 14-08-2018 

And take the MOOD bar, at the utter right of the UI. In the pics where Sanguine is kicking those cans, her mood is VERY close to 0. Very little needs to happen, and she'll be UNhappy. If her needs were met (clean, comfortable, loved, well-fed, well-rested), her mood would be better, and the option to kick cans might not appear.

#7 14-08-2018 
I'll have to try that out, seeing if she can still kick the trash can after her Mood bars are all pumped up to a lively shade of green. Her Aspiration may not have been responsible, as it was still Gold while she was punting trash cans. Or maybe it was Gold because she enjoys punting trash cans...but it was more likely something to do with building her Logic up to 6 and nailing a few other Wants before that. Wink

#8 19-08-2018 
I did not know that Sims Could kick their own trash cans. Lovely Pictures lol. At least she wasn't busting up Urns, I have had a Sim of mine do that, I think it was a Teen.

#9 19-08-2018 
(19-08-2018 09:56 AM)lordtyger9 Wrote:  I did not know that Sims Could kick their own trash cans. Lovely Pictures lol. At least she wasn't busting up Urns, I have had a Sim of mine do that, I think it was a Teen.

Yeah, busting up Urns, or even tombstones, is a practice followed by (usually Outgoing and Grouchy) sims who have come to thoroughly hate or despise the dead sim in question. Hateful little buggers they can be at times... Big Grin

#10 28-08-2018 
Updatey Stuff:

[Image: TS2-SanguineKicksTheCan07.jpg]

Even when her Mood is awesome and every Need is bright green, Sanguine can still be commanded to kick over trash cans. Big Grin

Personality stuff that may or may not be contributing to this magnificent superpower:

[Image: TS2-SanguineKicksTheCan08.jpg]

Zodiac: Taurus
Sloppy/Neat: 7
Shy/Outgoing: 4
Lazy/Active: 2
Serious/Playful: 10
Grouchy/Nice: 2

Fitness: Average

Skill Stuff: Cooking 3, Mechanical 4, Charisma 3, Body 1, Logic 4, Creativity 3, Cleaning 7

Talent Badge Stuff: Gardening (Silver).

Hobby Stuff: Cuisine 3, Games (Natural) 5, Nature 5 [Everything else: 0]

Chemistry Stuff:
Turn-ons: Great Cook, Creative
Turn-offs: Stink

Primary Aspiration: Romance
Secondary Aspiration: None (yet)

That's it. Her Grouchiness and Playfulness seem to fit the profile, but would her Neatness be high enough to get in the way of can-kicking? Or is she still Sloppy enough to do that?

I'll have to comb through my mods and see if there's anything that enables can-kicking. If anyone's responsible, I'd bet that it's Cyjon. He seems to have made a lot of ability-enabling mods. I have quite a few of his mods too. Smile


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