UC Flashing Pink Texture, Windows 10 on Bootcamp
#1 10-09-2018 
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I've just set up a Bootcamp partition on my 2017 iMac so I can finally play Apartment Life, create CC, all of that good stuff. I downloaded the Ultimate Collection, and had the typical forced low resolution problem. I used the Graphics Rules Maker to create a new Graphics Rules file, and manually added my video card to my Video Cards file because the "add to database" option wasn't sticking for some reason, and when I tried to use the GRM's Video Cards file it just copied the Graphics Rules file it created for some reason.

I made sure to follow the instructions and put my new files in both Config and CSConfig, but when I rebooted my game, instead of high quality graphics I had forced low quality settings and flashing pink textures. When I checked my config-log.txt file it was still saying my graphics card wasn't in the database, even though I just checked and my video card is in both Video Cards files, plus the game's graphics rules have changed, just to even worse ones.

I'm assuming this has to do with my computer's graphics card being for a Mac and all, but I know it is capable of running Sims 2 in high quality since I have the Super Collection on my Mac side. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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