All I Want for This Halloween:
#1 09-10-2018 
1) Three flatscreen TVs that can be hung vertically (or "Portrait style," if you prefer) and synchronized together.
2) Three wooden picture frames, sized for said TVs.
3) Every last one of AtmosFEARfx's Unliving Portraits animations.

They seem pretty cool. Smile

The monstrous animations, jumpscares and murderous interactions among the portraits are good fun, but the "Withering Heights" animations creep me out a bit on the visceral level (probably due to middle-aged me worrywarting over my own eventual mortality from day to day, like I decided to take the "memento mori" phrase a bit too literally at some point). Especially that Debutante. Oh, that poor, pretty woman, aging and decaying and skeletonizing like that. And her lovely flowers, too.

So imagine how my far more sensitive Halloween guests might take to those portraits. Wink

Has anyone here had any previous experiences with these or similar Halloween videos and projections, perchance?
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#2 09-10-2018 
Those are cool indeed Smile

I feel sure I have seen something like that for Sims2 (animated textures rather than video) and I keep thinking it is @shastakiss who made them....

#3 09-10-2018 
You mean these changing portraits here, and Sevenskellington's versions one step further from that? Wink

It was just pure coincidence that Ginnie linked those in her Community Finds around the same time that I was Googling up the AtmosFX website after finding a .gif of the Debutante and her animations on Imgur. I downloaded all of the packages for those Simmy haunted pics, of course. I'll install them after I quit the TS2 session that I'm currently playing. Smile

#4 09-10-2018 
Yes!! Those are the ones, I must have seen them on Ginnies finds.

#5 09-10-2018 
Ah, here it is: September 23rd, third entry down.

One of these days, I should set a few hours aside and just cruise through every Sims 2 link in Ginnie's Community Finds. Smile
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#6 10-10-2018 
Sims2artists and garden of shadows are both great for ts2cc.


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