Turning A Food Deco Clutter Object Into Stockable "Fresh Food" For The Fridge
#1 23-10-2018 

I have some beautiful deco packaged food CC that I find it to be a pity that they are only deco objects. Would be nice if I could sell them in supermarkets and my sims could buy them and stock their fridge with them to have fresh/sparkling food. Anybody knows if it's possible to change this functionality? I wonder how difficult it would be.

I have certain experience with SimPe, but never turned a deco object into a functional one before.


#2 23-10-2018 
I have some experience with modding and with the use of SimPE, but changing a deco object into a functional one is something that goes quite a bit beyond what I'm capable of. To name but a few things:
  • The object needs to be put in a different object class.
  • It must be made into an object that sims can pick up and drop, which may require re-meshing.
  • BHAVs and BCONs must be added.

You may need the help from multiple creators to get all that going.

I think I would advise you to ask around on MTS. There's a large base of creators over there. No doubt, they can help you understand what needs to be done. Or, if need be, they might be willing to do some of the work for you!

#3 23-10-2018 
I do know how to do this, but it's a long time ago. I will look in my Work in progress files.

#4 23-10-2018 
Thanks @BoilingOil ! I hoped it would be an easy couple of box checking, value entering kind of thing in SimPe, but it sounds much more complex.

@leefish thank you!

#5 23-10-2018 
It's a lot more complex than a couple of tick boxes, but doable.

How it works is that the bread in the shop gets clicked on, and then a BHAV clones the bread and makes it an accessory that can be placed in inventory, and then when you get it home the bread can be dragged from inventory to counter and put in the fridge.

This beehive does exactly the trick : https://sims2artists.com/index.php?topic=3094.0

There is a BHAV called create honey as ingredient. Check it out.

#6 09-11-2018 
I have looked into this further, and there is a subcomponent in the beehive called honey pot as ingredient. If you upload one of your deco items that you want as food I will have a go at converting it (and making a tutorial for it as I go). This approach is going to need seasons, as the pot is set as a harvestable.

#7 10-11-2018 
(23-10-2018 12:49 AM)mrukel22 Wrote:  Would be nice if I could sell them in supermarkets and my sims could buy them and stock their fridge with them to have fresh/sparkling food.
I did have a go at this, and it did work sort of, but it seemed horribly clunky.

Some issues with the harvestable approach (only harvestables give sparkly food) :
    The items can only be sold in an sim owned business
    Restocking needs the owner to have bread in their inventory.
Other than that, it worked. Test file below, please test for clunkiness....

EDIT: removed broken thing, uploaded a new one.

#8 11-11-2018 
I have no options on the bread at all. But maybe this is because I grabbed it from catalogue on a home lot. I will try buying it at a shop.

Okay, I built a quick bread shop. Neither sim can restock and gets the no items in inventory pop-up. (Both sims have bread in inventory) My other playable cam in and bought bread. I loaded up her house but still no options to place on the counter or stock the fridge and not clickable.
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#9 11-11-2018 
Hi Jo, thanks for the updates. All is now fixed (the restock issue was me leaving a space in the BHAV file name).

How it works:

Set the item for sale on either a home business or an owned community lot.
Sim buys the object from the shop and it goes into the sims inventory (or from the catalogue and pulls it into inventory but that is cheating). On return home, click on the refrigerator and the option stock should be in the menu. Click on stock and then the bread should be available to stock the fridge.
Lot owner can restock if the item is in their inventory.

All original recolours should still work (which is why I did it like this instead of cloning).

Tutorial coming next.

Uploaded Smile

#10 11-11-2018 
Terrific, I will test it tomorrow. Big Grin


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