Very start of something that will probably get out of control
#1 23-10-2018 
I have some party type stuff I'm already sitting on (like the drinks dispensers and crockpots - chili and mac and cheese - bellow), and then the other day, out of the blue, I had an urge to make more "homey" looking buffet tables. I'm not sure yet how the anims will look since I lowered the serving platters, and I haven't really made it out of MS3D yet, but Lee asked so here's a look at what's going on so far.


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#2 23-10-2018 
That looks really great, I love buffet tables, and one a bit less formal will be great. What foods will it serve? I am assuming just the standard three foods?

#3 23-10-2018 
Thanks. Yeah. I don't want to mess with the foods. At least not for now. I might down the road. But for the moment, just the usual.

#4 23-10-2018 
I did help Shasta build her buffet table for simblereen (it does the platters from Freetime) and once we figured it all out it was easy to do.

Mac and Cheese, Chili, and Comfort soup sounds like a great combo to me.

#5 23-10-2018 
I look forward to this! It will be perfect in my BaCC!

#6 23-10-2018 
Yeah. I figure it's not too difficult if you use existing game food. Are you suggesting I throw the crock pots on the buffet? I hadn't thought about that, but that would be fun for potluck type things...hmmmm. When I started the crock pots I planned to do a shredded chicken sandwich one too. It's just more involved because it would be a whole new food, where as the chili and mac and cheese are just new group meshes (with morphs). I can do it, I just hadn't yet. You mentioning the FT platters reminded me, I also have a finger sandwich with veggies platter that I've been sitting on. I've tried other platters, but custom platters are a tricky bird. The morphs like to seriously misbehave.


Also threw on a couple more pics of the drink dispensers morphs, "half" full and empty. It's cloned from the quick meals (the cans) so sims just pull it from the fridge and stick on the counter. The individual drinks don't change states because the cans don't since you can't see inside them, so it always looks full even when it's finished. But I'm still pretty happy with it.

I've been thinking about trying to make a buffet that's "on" game counters for even more casual get togethers. Basically just swap the table for counter meshes. I'll probably still see if I can make it look good.

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#7 24-10-2018 
Yes, I thought to put the crocks on the buffet. A sort of casual get together.

The finger sandwich looks nice, a well made platter.

The drinks dispensers, I do like those but I did not see them in time to facilitate their release.

#8 25-10-2018 
The crocks might work even better anim-wise, because they are naturally a bit taller.

And I obviously am not getting to uploading the drinks today Wink But I should be able to get to it tomorrow.

Edit: The wait is over (for the drink dispensers at least) - download here
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#9 27-10-2018 
Thank you for the drink dispensers Smile


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