Flashing pink neighborhood and sims.
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I am having a longstanding issue with Sims 2 (UC) and Windows 10. For the first time in a year, I actually got the game to load several times without it crashing on start up and/or crashing when loading a lot.

I have done everything I could find across the internet including several things I found looking through this section of the forum. The only thing that is left is this flashing pink.

[Image: Sims2EP9-2018-10-23-09-43-49-37.jpg]

This is what it looks like when I load a lot regularly.

[Image: Sims2EP9-2018-10-23-10-20-44-82.jpg]

This is what it looks like when I put in boolprop useshadows false. This is a fresh EA folder with nothing added to it. No cc, mods, etc.

Steps I have used:
Deleted the game, cleaned out the registry.
Re-installed the game.
Increased Virtual Memory
4gb patch
Did the empty standby thing to help with memory performance.
Got the game to recognize my graphics card a small portion of my ram (I have 32gb).

I am to the point where this is a last ditch effort before I delete the game forever.

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#3 24-10-2018 
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Thanks for replying Smile

I followed the whole instructions including everything in Jessa's Youtube video yesterday.

I also did this here http://digitalperversion.net/gardenofsha...ic=21931.0
and https://www.pixelatedpuddings.com/showthread.php?tid=58

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You didn't say what your card is, is it a Nvidia 1080 thing?

Also, did you source a nocd hack? I don't know if UC needs it.

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I did try a nocd, using the game's exe from a shortcut on the desktop and the play button through Origin, all with the same results.

It's Geforce GTX 1070.

#6 24-10-2018 
You need to look at this you-tube.

If you have done everything in the you-tube tutorial, what you have left to do is

1. Delete all the thumbnails package in /thumbnails folder they will regenerate, and if there's a problem with the thumbnails that will fix that.
2. Reduce the amount of clutter that you have in your game - you will need to pare down your CC. My guess is that you have over 10G in your game.
3. Reduce the amount of CC in your folders, and make sure that you have removed everything that is not CC from your downloads folder in your game - all txts, jpg, etc, etc. They are loaded up into the memory as well and take up space unnecessarily.
4. Reduce the amount of CC in your folders that have textures that are greater than 1024x1024. Beddings, clothing, hair are all suspect.

You need to reduce your graphics memory load.

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I did everything in the video yesterday.

1. I did delete all the thumbnails. I even delete them after every time I load the game.
2. This is a new EA folder. There is no CC in it, no defaults, no textures, no lots, and no other hoods except those that load with a new game. The only thing I have added personally is my userstartup cheat.
3. See above.
4. See above.

I also did this yesterday, which is even helping with Sims 3: https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comme..._creators/

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I think we cannot help you any further with the setup you have. Your options are maybe a second hardrive with win7 and dual boot or a second video card if your motherboard supports it or a cheap old laptop that was top of the range in 2009 or so.

I am sorry.

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No problem. Thanks you both so much for trying. I might just have to downgrade to Win 8. This set up worked just fine pre-Windows 10, so it looks like that's my only option.

#10 25-10-2018 
If you manage to get it working on win8, let us know. Good luck, and I hope you will share some Sim pics if you get it going.


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