Another big one - because I don't do small apparently
#1 24-10-2018 
There's also this happening, inspired by Pizzatron's WCIF. If/when finished there will be a wide assortment of shapes/sizes/styles of easy recolor signage. This is just very basic, early stage, simple sign, with a rough texture for testing (in MS3D).


The frame is meshed out, as you can see, to make it simpler to recolor for people who may not be as advanced with adding depth through the texture.


I have many ideas for styles and such, like side mount of varied sizes/shapes and signs for the ground, like the TS3 ones. All mapped for the easiest recoloring I can manage.
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#2 24-10-2018 
You've been working on this for a while, haven't you? It looks pretty snazzy so far! Smile

So how many tiles in width is that sign, might I ask? It looks like it might be huge, but looks can be deceiving.

#3 24-10-2018 
No actually I just started it. I'm not 100% sure exactly how many tiles yet, but it's approximately the width of the large triple diamond light from Nightlife (because it's cloned from that). I just realized I didn't mention in the original post, it's a light as well.

#4 24-10-2018 
Yay for lighted signs.

#5 24-10-2018 
Oh, the light with the large bowling-alley-like diamonds? It's three tiles wide, if I remember.

Nice choice of clone-worthy object, by the way. Big Grin

#6 24-10-2018 
Yeah, first rule is to clone a thing that has the characteristics you want. Like don't clone a chair if you want a barstool Smile

#7 24-10-2018 
Love them, jones!


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