Directx9.0c issues
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Hello, I recently downloaded the sims 2 but I am unable to get it to work!
I have followed the replacing the sgr files with ones posted in previous threads, and following this guide as well.
I'm attempting to run the game on windows 10, I have an Nvida GTX 1070 but the game is choosing to use my inbuilt graphics processor, which is no big issue but if I can get it to use my graphics card that would be great!
I have tried adding both to the video cards sgr, replacing the files with the updates ones in the CSconfig folder, also using the default files and using the previously provided sgr files.
I saw in a previous thread that this line should read "Kiri: Force Low settings because Intel removed", but I have no idea how to fix that issue.
Here are my logs, video, and graphics rules, please let me know if I'm missing any information, thanks for taking the time to read this!

I forgot to add, I'm using the ultimate edition!

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When you say you cant get it to work, what happens exactly? Does it not load? Do you have low quality graphics?

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Apologies, I forgot to mention!
I get the "Can't find Directx 9.0c compatable graphics adapters" error whenever I try to start the game up.

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The directx 9.0 graphics are included in the ultimate collection and I had your problem when I tried to use a shortcut to a no-cd hack from the desktop instead of launching the exe from the folder containing the original exe.

I also always run as admininstrator.

Does that help?

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Unfortunately not, no.
Running the Sims 2 exe tells me I need the disc, and running the Mansion and Garden one directly still gives me the same error.

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By "the mansion and garden one" do you mean a nocd hack you have got hold of? I am assuming that you have a legal copy of the game; I dont mind if you torrent, but I can't help with a torrented version because I can't be sure you have all of the files.

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Ah, damn, I wish I could say I did but I couldn't find a legal digital copy to buy anywhere, heckin' laptop doesn't have a disc drive.
Sorry for wasting your time, regardless I appreciate the help, enjoy your day~

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Trust me on this one.... Your HD graphics, will run Sims 2 just fine. Sims have issues with the newer Radeon/nVidia cards/chipsets, and it's just easier to run on your integrated graphics. I run my Sims on my Intel HD4600, HD520, and HD630 graphics on mostly high, to all high settings, at 1366x768, to 1600x900 resolution, with no problems whatsoever. You don't NEED to run Sims 2 on your nVidia graphics.

If your computer has 8gb/RAM or better, and is 3rdGen or better, you might want to try eliminating your swapfile.

Why don't I use the nVidia graphics on my gaming machines?

1) It's like going after a mosquito with a cannon.
2) It COULD possibly even slow the game down. I found this out running Sims 2 on nVidia GT730m graphics. You just don't need that kind of horsepower for Sims 2. The amount of work you put in to getting them to run on the nVidia graphics, far outstrip the benefits of doing so. Simpler is better for a happy Simmer.Smile
3) Running The Sims 2 on your integrated Intel HD4400 or better, will allow the computer to run cooler.
4) Newer nVidia/Radeon graphics can cause Direct X problems, like the one you're having.

I only advise running on your dedicated nVidia, or Radeon chipset, *IF* you have Intel GMA graphics 4500 (or on 2ndGen, and older computers), or if your Intel HD graphics are less than HD4400.

Intel GMA 4500 is NO good for running Sims 2 and up. It will run the original "The Sims" just fine.
Intel HD graphics (HD2000, HD300, HD4000) aren't good for running Sims 2.


Intel HD4000/4200 will run Sims 2 IF:

You have extra ram (6gb<), so your computer can run it's background processes smoothly, while you're playing.
You have a fast Hard drive (7200rpm, SATA III. SATA II doesn't cut it paired with the integrated graphics HD4000).
Even better If you have a SSD (SATA II or SATA III).
Your .sgr/texture, and graphics rules are done properly.
You play on low, to medium settings.

BTW, Sims 2 will run on DX 10, or 11 also. You might try re-installing DX 9c, if you're determined to run on nVidia. To me, it isn't worth all the trouble. I recommend just using your integrated graphics.

I used to have to re-install DX 9c every time I wanted to play Sims 2 on my lighter gaming machine (nVidia, GTX 950), until I ran it on the integrated graphics, and it turned out much better.

Good luck. Smile
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