Windows 10 - Intel HD Graphics 620. Direct 9 Error
#1 11-11-2018 
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I've recently purchased a new laptop with Windows 10 and have been reading for hours online on how to resolve my problem. I've tried replacing the video and graphic files, and creating my own, but no luck.

If I run sims I receive the direct 9 error. If I add -w in in properties then the Sims loads but only in a small window.

I feel I'm going wrong somewhere, so any help with the relevant files that I need to copy and paste would be fantastic.

Attached is my config file. There is no Nvdia graphics card.

Thanks, so much


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I've managed to fix this.

When Sims was originally loading the screen was small and not allowing me to expand.

I went into the Graphic Rules.sgr file and amended the width and height to match my screen resolution. Loaded up Sims and it works a treat.

For anyone in a similar situation here is what worked for me:

You need to modify the Graphic Rules.sgr (open with notepad if it asks), located in your last EP’s install folder (EP9 for Mansions TSDAta/Res/Config). Open it and do a search (ctrl+f) for this entry: uintProp maxResWidth. For all three settings, change the maxResWidth to your monitor’s width, and the maxResHeight, again, for all three settings (low, medium and high) (600/1024/1200) and replace it by your monitor’s height.
Mine is 1920x1080 so I replaced 800/1280&1600 with 1920, and 600/1024&1200 with 1080.

#3 11-11-2018 
Actually, I would recommend changing the values ONLY for the "High" section. Not alone is it less work, but it also ensures that the lower settings continue to work properly.

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Thanks, I updated to your suggestions above and it had been working a treat until I installed a few expansion packs.

Now, anytime I load up Sims, or one of the expansion packs I receive the following error:

"Not compatible with your system, please upgrade to Windows 2000"

I have tried running compatibility mode and selecting XP, and all of the different Vista options (SP1, 2 and 3), while running as admin, But the error still shows.

Thanks. Hayley

#5 12-01-2019 
Upgrade to Windows 2000?? What does the game think that your current OS is? Win3.1?
Anyway, that is an error that I have never seen before. I have no idea how to help you there.

But just to keep the thread going, what packs have you installed? And did you install all of them in the order in which they were originally released?


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