New Crashing issue.
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After posting my first issue with the Direct X errors and terminated crashes, I've been slowly cleaning out my CC. Deleting thumbnails, accessory/group cashes and the neighborhood manger package. All in hopes that my game would run smoothly again. It has not. Now, it just simply x's out and returns to origin without any message of why the game suddenly crashed. I uninstalled some of my windows updates but couldn't remove all of them. Windows ten apparently won't let me. Now, I'm second guessing if that's even the reason my game has been lagging and ultimately crashing.

I have sims2 ultimate collection, and this has been going on for a couple months. And I'm so over it. I wish I could figure out the problem. I used the graphics rule fix. Cleared origin cashes and sims2. tried the 4gb patch for memory because I really think maybe my computer isn't allowing me to utilize all my gig memory for sims2. But once I install the 4gb patch my sims2 game won't launch. So I just don't really know what to do but I don't want to give up and retreat back to sims4 because I think any future games have just been terrible additions to the franchise. Multitasking is simulator Satan.


Also I really don't understand this user interface. Its super confusing. Sorry to bug you guys again.

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Hello Smile It is confusing for us too if you keep creating a new topic, just add to the one you already made. Example, I can't remember if this is a laptop or a desktop, so I have to go find your existing topic and then come back. Make it easy for us to help you and we will give more help.

Based on what you have told us so far, it looks like you are changing things etc and just making it all worse.

I think you will probably have to repair your game through Origin and start again with all these tweaks.

By user interface do you mean how to post on the forum? I am sorry for that, it is just standard forum software.


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