My Wee Little Christmas Dinner Tradition
#31 28-12-2019 
Oh, yeah! I finally salvaged my photos of the Jamaican jerk barbecue we had for the Christmas of 2015!

[Image: MyJamaicanJerk-XMas2015-1.jpg]

[Image: MyJamaicanJerk-XMas2015-2.jpg]

[Image: MyJamaicanJerk-XMas2015-3.jpg]

It was great too. I wonder if I can splice that into the first post right quick.

#32 17-04-2021 
Well, last Christmas had a pretty severe dampener placed on it — namely, my father's death from COVID-related pneumonia about two weeks beforehand. So for a bit there, it looked like Christmas was cancelled, and Christmas dinner along with it. But since Mom had separated from Dad and was living up north with my brother and my sister-in-law in Missouri, and since they didn't want me spending Christmas alone, they bought a round-trip ticket to Saint Louis for me. So that's where I spent Christmas, and I got to cook Kedjenou — Ivorian stewed chicken with eggplant and other veggies — for our Christmas dinner.

The recipe which I used:

[Image: XMas2020-IvoryCoast01.jpg]
Into the pot it all goes!

[Image: XMas2020-IvoryCoast02.jpg]
Electric burners aren't quite the same as fire, but they'll do.

(I added about a quarter-cup of chicken stock halfway through the cooking. The chicken was looking a little dry, but I figured that the recipe's call for half a cup would be too much. As it turned out, I chose wisely. Cool )

[Image: XMas2020-IvoryCoast03.jpg]
Looking good!

[Image: XMas2020-IvoryCoast04.jpg]
Into the bowls it goes!

[Image: XMas2020-IvoryCoast05.jpg]
We didn't have any couscous, so we buttered up some dinner rolls and toasted them for about ten minutes. You just can't have stew without bread, right?

[Image: XMas2020-IvoryCoast06.jpg]
My nephew Drew liked the kedjenou too (even though he let it go cold because he talks too much). Big Grin

I reckon it's time to edit the first post again. I wasn't in much of a mood for photography, with losing Dad and all, but I'm glad that I did.

#33 17-04-2021 
Although the photos from 2014's Christmas Pierogi seem to have vanished into thin air, I also dug up some more pictures of 2012's borscht and 2015's jerk rub barbecue while I was at it. Smile

[Image: XMas2013-Russia01.jpg]

[Image: XMas2013-Russia02.jpg]

[Image: XMas2013-Russia03.jpg]

[Image: XMas2013-Russia04.jpg]

[Image: XMas2013-Russia05.jpg]

[Image: XMas2015-Jamaica01.jpg]

[Image: XMas2015-Jamaica02.jpg]

[Image: XMas2015-Jamaica03.jpg]

[Image: XMas2015-Jamaica04.jpg]

[Image: XMas2015-Jamaica05.jpg]

[Image: XMas2015-Jamaica06.jpg]
Hold still for the camera, Dad! Rolleyes

(I still miss you, Dad. Sad )
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#34 17-04-2021 
Looks like it was tasty though! Tongue

#35 17-04-2021 
It was! Chicken, onions and eggplants won Christmas that day! Big Grin


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