Inteen 2018
#1 14-12-2018 
Hello there it's me again!

I love MODS. Yes. Indeed, I have a lot of them including Insimenator and Inteen and others.
Now, the fact that I can play smoothly and without weird pink things or game crashings, has made me happier than ever. But there is a thing. Let me explain the thing.
While playing with the Smith family with InTeen, I have noticed that none of them is agging. Plus, Jenny or PT9 can't have romantic actions. Jenny is pregnant. I tried the Biological clock thing in their pocket but nothing's working. I think the fact having putting Jenny pregnant is making her broken. Other families such as the Picaso family has the romantic actions and can age.
I've taken off InTeen from the Downloads folder, and Smith family isn't agging as well. I have now some questions.
How do I fix Jenny? I already did force error with boolprop testingcheatsenabled true but it doesn't work.
Is it possible to fix her with simPE? If anyone knows how to "repair" her with it and tell me how to do it it'd be cool.
I had a version of InTeen but I don't know which one and I don't really know if it was compatible with other mods. I did the HCDU and it says in most lines "possible conflict detected".
Does anyone know how to install CORRECTLY Inteen? Which version do I have to install? Which mods do I have to delete to make Inteen working properly? I have all EP/Stuffs and I play with Fun with Pets (last stuff is M&G).


.txt  hcdu.txt (Size: 64 KB / Downloads: 490)

#2 14-12-2018 
That is a LOT of conflicts... I'll start with some questions:

1a. Did you LOOK at the HCDU report, and notice that a lot of the conflicts are about mods that you seem to have two copies of in different folders?
1b. Have you tried DELETING one of each pair of identical mods?
2. The report that you attached, is not complete. How many conflicts did HCDU *really* report?
3. Shouldn't you be asking Inteen-related questions at the place that Inteen is available from? Effectively, Simbology?

#3 14-12-2018 
1) i thought I have deleted them? but ok I’m going to look T that

2) I have copied and pasted everything the HCDU reported! Smile

3) well I don’t really know if the forum is still active that’s why I came here first

#4 14-12-2018 
Hi @Entwistle

1. Maybe you *did* delete the identical mods. But you did not run a NEW HCDU check after that. You just showed us the old one from before the deletions. So we still see all those double mods mentioned.

2. Copy and paste? Are you crazy? Dear, you don't copy & paste the HCDU report. You go into the folder where HCDU is installed, where you will see a "temp" folder. You open that folder, and there is a file "hackreport.txt". THAT is the file that you attach to a post here for us to look at Smile

3. If you don't know if a forum is still active, the fastest way to find out, is to go there and post a question. If they respond, they're active Smile But I saw that you've been to Simbology now, and that zephyrzodiac has been giving you some pointers already. Believe me, among those who don't create mods, ZZ is the most knowledgeable simmer in existence. If she doesn't know, then there is no answer.

Anyway, good luck with your game.

Oh, and by the way, to the question which version of Inteen to use: with all mods, you always look for the latest version that you have the EP or SP for. So, because you have M&G, you look first for an M&G version. And if that doesn't exist, you get the AL version. In the case of Inteen, you go to this Simbology board and select either Madcat's AL version, or, even better, Jase439's newer Final19-ApartmentLife-UC version.

#5 14-12-2018 
Omg sorry lol I'm a newbie in the world of mods!!!

Apparently my game is ok now so I guess I'm going to stop posting threads here and elsewhere XD tysm for your help!!!

#6 15-12-2018 
No, please don't stop posting. A lot can be learned in, from and about this game, and we don't mind teaching you.


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