Hello peeps!
#1 21-12-2018 
My name is Emma, I'm 24 and currently live in London, England. I play TS2 the most, but recently have been really enjoying TS3 and even trying TS4 a little. When I'm not trying to cause deliberate harm to my pixel people...I mean playing sims, I enjoy Minecraft, for much the same reason as I enjoy Sims- the building aspect. I can also be found listening to music, trying to get round to cross stitching but constantly putting it off and reading.

Great to meet you all! Big Grin

#2 21-12-2018 
Hi there, Sparkle! Welcome to our pond Smile

#3 22-12-2018 
Hello again , long time no see. You do actually have an account here under another username. Would you like the two accounts merged?

#4 22-12-2018 
I thought I did but couldn't remember the password, so yes please!

#5 22-12-2018 
Merged Smile Your post count has increased dramatically.

#6 22-12-2018 
Do we not have a chat anymore? I'm sure last time I visited there was.

#7 22-12-2018 
There is a chat but you have to have so many posts before you can access it.

#8 22-12-2018 
I prefer people to post, not to use the chat, especially as the sound is broken.

#9 22-12-2018 
Hi Emma, Welcome back! I'm Kunder. I live in south-central Texas. I build/refurb laptops and desktops. I also build machines specifically for "Simming". I'm also retired Dept. of Defense (USA). Smile

I like Turtles. (I wish there were a SimTurtle game Tongue).

#10 23-12-2018 
Hiya Emma - I'm glad to see you swimmin' around here again! Happy Christmas Fishmas


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