New Years' Eve party: freeze
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Hi there!

I have a slight issue with the New Year's Eve party. Every time I organise one, a few seconds after Chronos arrives on my lot, time stops and my sims stop moving, but the game does not crash like it does sometimes when there are too many people on my lot while snowing!

Thus, I was wondering if this was normal and I just had to wait or do something, or if it was an actual glitch and if so if there was a fix for it.

I ran the same party several times, with a different number of people every time, and every time the same thing happens.

Thank you!


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Hi @Justine,

Chronos, is that what they call Father Time in the French version? That's kewl!
Anyway, all that I know about him, is what is said on Father Time's wiki page.
That doesn't help much, but I will continue to look around for you.

I found this page from someone who also experienced freezing after Father Time appears. The suggested solutions seems valid.
When a witch arrives at a lot, or when a sim is told to change their appearance at a mirror, the game also stops for a while while it's loading all the required data. Maybe something like that is also going on with Father Time. So maybe you must just be patient for a little bit... maybe 10-20 seconds?

And if that doesn't fix it, I would try to save and exit the lot, and then reload the lot from the neighborhood screen.

Let us know if that helps.

EDIT: Oh by the way, I also found this page, where it says at the end that the party can be buggy, and cause freezing.
If this bug is what's happening to you, then I guess you will not be able to throw New Year's parties anymore. I'm sorry.

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Hi BoilingOil!

You're on every front!

Yes, that's how he is called in French (and now it explains why I couldn't find much on him on Google).

Thank you! I actually waited something like 5 minutes, and then gave up. But after a few attempts, I figured out that I had to call him in as soon as he arrives on the lot. If I let my sims finish whatever they're doing and then call him, time stops forever. But I tried leaving one of my sims not doing anything just waiting for him and I called him in as soon as he appeared on the lot. And everything went fine! Finally!

I'll just have to be careful next time I want to throw a NYE party.

Thank you again!

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Ah, so that's how you must deal with it: don't waste time, but call him over right away. I'm glad that you figured it out.
Well done, and thank you very much for letting us know how you solved the issue!

Happy simming.


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