Sims blocked in the middle of a hotel's swimming pool
#1 28-01-2019 
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Hi there,

I recently got a problem that is basically blocking my whole progression with a sim. He went on holidays in one of my hotels, visited a few different sites, and when he came back, he was in the middle of the swimming pool. I tried several things to get him out, but I couldn't find any solution. I tried moveobjects on, but since I am playing in a hotel, I do not have the furniture mode. I tried moving the family from the neighbourhood to another hotel, but the game does not offer the option. I tried waiting till the end of the holidays thinking that maybe the game would send him back automatically to his home, but instead the games says that if I do not check out, I will stay one more day, etc, etc.

Here is a screenshot for you to see the situation.

Any idea how to resolve this?

Thank you!

#2 28-01-2019 
Normally, I would switch "moveobjects on", open the inventory, pick the sim up, and DELETE him/her, and then save the lot, go back to the neighborhood, and then open the lot again.
The problem is, that you cannot open the inventory because you're at a comm lot. So you cannot pick the sim up.

Fortunately, there is another way to do it, though:
Switch on debug mode with "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true", then shift-click the sim, select the "Force error" option, and then click "delete".

Now, the sim is gone from the lot, SAVE the lot and exit. Then open the lot again, and the sim *should* stand near the Public Phone Booth.

Problem solved... I hope.

If this doesn't work, please let us know.

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Actually, there is a third method as well, but I'm not sure if it works on a Hotel lot. It should, but I haven't tested it:

This method uses TWO cheats:
First use the cheat "moveobjects on" so you can pick up stuff that you normally can't.
Then use the cheat "boolprop dormSpecificToolsDisabled false" to enable dormitory build mode.
Now open build mode, and there should be a hand tool that you can use to pick things up to move around. Use that hand to pick up the sim and delete him/her.

Then leave build mode, save and leave the lot. From Neighborhood view, open the lot, and the sim should AGAIN be at the Public Phone Booth.

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Hi BoilingOil,

Sorry, was busy with work.

I finally got to play and used the solution you provided in your second post. It worked wonders! Thank you so much. I was ready to let them die and have them resurrected by a family member, haha!

Thank you again!

#5 02-02-2019 
Hi Justine,

No need to apologize, dear. Real life always rides shotgun.
Anyway, I'm glad your sim is saved. Thank you for letting us know Smile


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