The Sims 2 Double Deluxe Windows 10 Game Issue
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Hello! First and fore most, I will post my config log and my operating system. I have a 64-bit operating system running on Windows 10 Pro Ver. 1809.

Here is my config log: [I put it into a Google Doc since I don't know how to attach it here, haha]

So, my problem has caused for me to uninstall all of the Sims 2 games and reinstall it back but, I still get the same problem. I believe this has occurred ever since I change my graphics card. I have a NVIDIA Geforce GT 730 that has been input into my computer. I used Graphics Rule Maker and it looked nice and all set up. When I go to the Database tab in Graphics Rule Maker, it says Yes that my video card is in database and when I check Video Cards.sgr Preview, it shows a whole script about Vendor Name, Vendor ID, Card Name and Card ID. I would think my game would run perfectly, that is until once I select a household and start playing, it only lasted 10-15 then crashed out of nowhere (The crash just says "Application has crashed. Application will now terminate.") Now, I tested it to see if it still caused the same problem and it went from lasting to 10-15 minutes in a household to only being able to play 2-3 minutes in a household. I re-checked Graphics Rule Maker and it says that No, my graphics card is not in the database in the Database tab and the whole Video Cards.sgr Preview tab is completely empty. It doesn't show nothing at all. I don't know what is the problem so I stopped playing the Sims 2 sadly in November cause I can't handle crashing every time I go to a household. Help would be very appreciated if you see this!

Thank you! Smile

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The paragraph "Before you post requesting help" at the bottom of this page, and RIGHT ABOVE THE FIELD WHERE YOU ORIGINALLY TYPED YOUR MESSAGE EXPLAINS how to attach a file, among other things.
That wasn't put there just for fun. It was put there to help people who don't know what to attach and how. And it was visible even BEFORE you started writing your post.
So I would ask of you that you please read it. And then do as it says. Select "Full Editor" and then use the "Browse" window to select the file to attach. It shouldn't be too hard.

There is no need to look in so many different places for your graphics card setup: the config-log file already reports that your card is recognized and set up correctly. But I wonder how much memory your system has... The config log only reports 1024 MB, which is way too little for a Win10 system.

Also, you tell us very little about your system. Is it a desktop or a laptop? And if it is the latter, does it have a built in graphics card?
Do you have mods in your game? Have you used the HCDU to check for conflicts in your mods? The answers to those questions might determine how well we can help you fix your problem.

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@BoilingOil Right, my apologies. It's my first time here so I wouldn't know how to work things out but, I will surely keep that in mind. Smile

I have 8GB of RAM. I have two one terabyte drives in my computer. I am hoping that is what you mean?

I have a Dell Optiplex 960 Small Mini Tower (SMT) It has an onboard graphics chip, It is called Intel Express Chipset Family. Any trace of having Intel downloads to help with the graphics chip has been removed and the graphics chip has been disabled since I got the NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 and downloaded the drivers it needed. I have a few mods, not any major ones. I ran the HCDU to check for conflicts and it just says 0 conflicts. I did download this thing that changes the water and grass of the world to make it more detailed. I since then have removed it, thinking it was causing my problems but, the problem just continues. I kept looking for solutions on the web but I didn't find anything that could relate to this.


Before you post requesting help
Information we need

  1. The -config-log.txt from the Logs folder in the My Documents\EA\The Sims2\ Click "full editor" below to attach a text file.
  2. Your operating System.
  3. What the problem actually is - that will be a picture to show the problem (optional), and accompanying text files that turn up (optional), and a detailed description of what happened, and what you expected to happen.

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