I have Direct X 9.0c problem
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Soo I can't play The Sims 2 because I'm still having this problem. I did EVERYTHING what I found on the internet (I tried the Graphics Rule Maker too, but that didn't work too), I did everything what I found on this site (I have dual video cards but I did that too), but it still don't work... I'm very upset.

Do you have any idea what's the problem? Can u help me? I'm trying to make this about 4 days.

(Sorry for my bad english!)
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DirectX9.0c problems can not be fixed with Graphics Rules or Video Card changes. It requires a DirectX fix.
I see, though, that your system has Win 10 and DirectX 12 AND and NVidia 10x0 video card... very modern and high-end... and totally not built to be compatible with an ancient game such as TS2. Chances are, you might never get it to work on that system any more.

You can of course wait and see if someone else had a good idea to help you. You never know...

Perhaps if you uninstall/reinstall DirectX9.0c...
Also, open up the NVidia Control Center and find the option to force the game to use the built-in Intel card.
You might get lucky, but I'm not guaranteeing it.

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Thanks for answer!
Unfortunately, I've already tried these things but still don't work.

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Hi @Turquoise,

I'm sorry that I couldn't help you. Let's hope that there is still someone out there who does have a helpful idea. Because otherwise, this is not looking very good for you.

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Unfortunately, there isn't much of a fix for this. On newer systems, I use the on board graphics. If you still get this error with on board graphics, you might try using DX11. I've had "limited" success with this, OR.... Try dual booting your windows with either Win7, or Win8.1.

I have started a new thread BEFORE YOU SPEND MONEY ON A NEW LAPTOP!!!, that I advise you to look at.
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@Kunder I think these ideas and options will be useful for many future cases. So I would ask that you copy this data to a new thread which we can then sticky. Then change your above post to simply contain a link to that new thread. That link can then be used again and again to answer other similar threads as well. Big Grin

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I can do that. I'm following up with a list of recommended laptops with these specs. I'll post this also.

As computer savvy as I am, I'm not real "LeeFish" savvy yet, and may need directions on how to PROPERLY do this. Smile

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(12-02-2019 01:49 AM)Kunder Wrote:  
(12-02-2019 01:05 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  

I can do that. I'm following up with a list of recommended laptops with these specs. I'll post this also.

As computer savvy as I am, I'm not real "LeeFish" savvy yet, and may need directions on how to PROPERLY do this. Smile

What you do, is press the "full edit" button under the post in this thread, then select the entire text, and press CTRL-c to copy it. Then cancel editing, go back to the Graphics Cards section, start a new thread, and CTRL-v the copied text into the new post. When done, Leefish herself or any of the moderators can sticky the post so it will permanently be at the top of the board.
Then you read the new post, make a copy of the URL, come back to this thread, edit your first post here again, delete all the text except the first line, and paste the URL in.

You could even do something like
look at [url=<your URL>]this thread[/url] for ideas on how to try and fix it.

What you have done now, is exactly the other way around: you made a new thread, where you linked to this thread... That's not the cleanest method.
You know what? I'll do it for you, so you can see how it's done, all right?

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It was my pleasure, friend. No worries. Glad to be able to help.

Now there's only one more thing: you've posted the new thread in the Tea Room instead of putting it here in the Graphics Cards section. But that's not a big problem... Since I was fixing it up for you anyway, it was no big deal to also move it. And I've made it sticky, so it's now at the top of the list.


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