Problem with a hair mesh
#1 22-02-2019 

I'm doing my first mesh ever for the sims 2 and everything has went otherwise well and he hair looks okay in bodyshop but in the actual game the hair doesn't follow the sim. It is not stuck on sims head but stays in a static position. I made the new mesh in blender. I exported the mesh with SimPe as obj and exported it from blender as smd. I also had a lot of problems with getting the hair into the right place because it automatically threw the mesh to the feet of the sims. I'm not experienced enough to know where to even start looking for the solution. Any help would be appreciated!

#2 22-02-2019 
The problem is that hair meshes have bones. If you export as obj then the bone assignments are lost. I only know how to do bone assignments with milkshape using the plugins from MTS.

#3 22-02-2019 
Oh I see! Thank you a lot, I wouldn't have figured that out.

#4 23-02-2019 
You are welcome, the plugins are good and free, but you do have to pay for milkshape :/

#5 25-02-2019 
Sorry to bother again! I was able to import the hair with bones to blender but the hair still doesn't work fine. In the preview it shows there are bones however? Does something look weird in the picture?

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#6 25-02-2019 
I don't know anything about meshing hair with blender, but it does look like all the bones are screwy. Do you know of any other hair meshes made with blender?

#7 25-02-2019 
I don't know of any hair meshing plug in for Sims 2 in Blender (just a clothes one) Not saying there isn't one, just that I have never heard of one.

#8 01-03-2019 
Ah I don't know if anyone has done hair meshes with blender for Sims 2 I just assumed. Oh well thanks for your help in any case!


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