Hello guys!
#1 26-03-2019 
Hi you all! First I take the chance to thank Leefish and the other great creators and all the helpful members.

I'm an elderly German woman and I play TS2 with all the Eps and SPs since the beginning. I have also TS3 but I don't play it. A few months ago I started to recolor some objects, I have learnt to slave items and finally I'm able to add slots. Thats only for my personal use at the moment. I don't dare to upload anything yet, maybe later when I will hopefully come to more perfection.

Thank you for reading!

#2 26-03-2019 
Hallo, thanks for the thanks, it is always nice to know someone enjoys the things we make Smile

What kind of things are you making? Slots sounds like you make furniture.

#3 26-03-2019 
It's fun to recolor and create things, isn't it? Celebrate
We'd love to see what you've made - I promise I won't *splash* you too much! This site is very friendly and encouraging...

#4 26-03-2019 
Welcome MrsReval,

It's always nice to meet new members. And although it is optional, we always like being appreciated for what we have to offer. I hope we may soon also enjoy and appreciate your creations Smile

#5 26-03-2019 
Thank you for your nice comments! No Leefish, I don't make furniture, I just fix some existing objects that I like and add slots to them. Sometimes I clone the furniture from a table before adding slots since it's easier if the object is just a deco item without any slot before.

#6 26-03-2019 
Welcome to the pond!

#7 28-03-2019 
Happy to meet you :-) I am also a longtime, elderly (70 something) Sims 2 player. Welcome to the pond where the water temperature is perfect and all the other fishies are good company. I do also play Sims 3, but, TS2 is my favorite. Disappointed with game play and lack of creative options in TS4. You've inspired me to give recoloring another try. I enjoy building with TS2 (always more to learn!), creating my own neighborhoods and story telling.

#8 03-04-2019 
Hi, you're a funny person. I'm really glad to be someone's inspiration.Smile I also love to build lots but a perfect house, well decorated, takes so much time. There was a time when I was really good in building lots but after a break I can't build without tutorials anymore. This game is damn time-consuming. I always wonder, how all the creators have still the time to play the game.

#9 03-04-2019 
(03-04-2019 08:40 AM)MrsReval Wrote:  I always wonder, how all the creators have still the time to play the game.

I don't play Smile Whenever I try to play I find something that needs to be fixed and off I go again.....

#10 03-04-2019 
Somehow, if you know how coding works, modding seems to be less time consuming than creating/building:

You're playing, you find something doesn't work the way you think it should, so you shut down the game, find the offending bit of code, and rewrite it. Then you restart the game, and see if you fixed it or made it worse. Since no aesthetics are involved, you're not continuously fiddling with making it LOOK right. Code only looks right if it WORKS right.

Yet, when I got into modding, I suddenly had no more time for playing, either. Because there's always something to fix.


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