Radiance 2.4 Shadow Problem
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I just installed the Radiance 2.4 mod the other day and *I* LOVE it! My shiny new computerâ„¢, on the other hand, not so much.

When I install the RLS-Shaders.package and turn off the game shaders in my UserStartup cheat I get a shadow on outdoor objects that does not blend in with walls and fences--essentially it is doubling the intensity of the object shadow. It does not affect objects placed on floors which may be why I don't see the issue inside. If I remove the shaders package and adjust my UserStartup cheat everything returns to normal--the game is just not quite as pretty.

[Image: RadianceShadowStrengthDifference.jpg]

I am having this problem without any files in my downloads folder. I do have Gunmod's 3.1 camera hack and it is possible that I have some clothing organization mods buried in the ProgramFiles (x86)> EA Games directories, but nothing else that should (?) affect rendering/graphics. That is unless I put some kind of hack in that changed something permanently at some point...

Some additional info:
Since I have Windows 10, initially I had to run the GraphicsRuleMaker in order to get the game working. The odd thing is that my game thinks I'm using a Radeon 3400, when in reality I'm using an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, so I have the Radeon Graphics Rules txt file in my game instead of the Nvidia version. Incidentally, this has enabled me to run BodyShop, but I'm not sure if that could be the cause of my wonky shadow issues.

I'm attaching the dxdiag report in the hope that one of you tech savvy folks can figure out what's going on. Smile

edit: I've also attached my config log just in case that's what you really need.
edit 2: I seem to have posted in the wrong spot too. Forgive my n00b-ness.

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