I heard a funny thing yesterday...
#1 02-04-2019 
And, I just had to share.
...I've also had the song in my head all night long, and a craving for pizza and to watch "Moonstruck" again. LOL Tongue

Here it is: (you gotta sing it now)
When your down at the sea
and an eel bites your knee
that's aMor-ay
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#2 03-04-2019 

(shakes fin at @CatherineTCJD )

#3 03-04-2019 
Uh huh... now you're singin' it too, aren't you. Tongue

#4 04-04-2019 
I admit it. I sang it - both versions.

#5 06-04-2019 
And now you have me singing "That's A MOR RAY" . Will I now ever be able to get this song out of my head??

#6 26-04-2019 
I'm trying to decide if this is better or worse than the other song I always get when I come here. It's when I read the forum description "let's talk about sims" and in my head that old song is starting "let's talk about s## baby, let's talk about you and me..."

P.S. better "amoray" than" a sting ray" Wink


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