The Good Witch is not at the palace of neverending light
#1 08-04-2019 
Hi everyone!

I have this bug where the good witch is not at the palace of neverending light anymore and the evil witch appears there instead. The evil one also appears in the evil castle. I tried dewitchify all the evil ones but then the game creates another that pops out in the light palace. It's a small but annoying bug since it just ruins my aesthetic. Any help would be really appreciated!

#2 09-04-2019 
Do you have any cc that affects witches?

#3 09-04-2019 
Yes I have and I tried to play without them and without any mods at all but it didn't unfortunately help. I wonder if I have to change something in Simpe? I guess there is some kind of code that makes the witches teleport to the lot? I wouldn't know where to look for it though.

#4 09-04-2019 
Is this a clean hood? The witch lot is a stealth lot as far as I know, so maybe the good witch is missing?

#5 09-04-2019 
@leefish as far as I know, if ONE Good Witch is missing, there should still be at least two others, one of which should take over the duty of resident in the Palace of Neverending Light. If all three of the Good Witches are missing, the game should generate AT LEAST ONE new one to replace them.

I cannot even begin to imagine how one gets the game to a state where the Palace is headed by an Evil Witch. This should NOT be happening.

#6 09-04-2019 
I don't have a clean hood and I do have 3 good witches but they don't appear to the palace. I haven't noticed any other bugs lately but yeah I have no idea how this has happened. Do you think this is part of a larger serious problem?

#7 10-04-2019 
@omena If all three Good Witches exist, but they just don't show up where they should, I'm guessing that there is some major scale corruption going on in the neighborhood.

I'm thinking that if the 'hood is very old, that could be the cause. Especially as the number of playable sims grows. Or if there is an overdose of old clutter that never got cleaned up. To get a better picture of the situation, please try to answer the following questions...

How long have you been playing this 'hood? And how many sims are there?
Does this problem occur in other 'hoods as well?
Have you tried making a new 'hood and seeing if this problem will happen there as well?
Do you have the main corruption-stopper BO - No Sim Loaded (Final Bugfix or Special version) in your game?
Do you have any other ways of cleaning up the game that you regularly use?

Could you please produce a HCDU report of any conflicts that might exist between mods that you have (if any)?
(If don't have it yet, download HCDU here)

#8 10-04-2019 
Yes the hood is very old, about 10 years! (that's why I'm so attached to it) It has around 1300 sims (includes downtowns and others).
I don't have other hoods but I let the game recreate the base hoods and tested the witch lot and it didn't have the bug.
I don't have the bugfix but now I'm definitely going to have it! Thank you so much for giving me this information.
I have used the hoodchecker but that is about it for cleaning. My game files are in read only state and I use HCDU. I have included the last hack conflict report.
Thank you so much for the help!

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#9 10-04-2019 

Don't worry about me trying to help. I gladly try the best I can, because 10 years is a long time indeed, so I can imagine how much those sims mean to you. I wouldn't want to lose such a hood myself.

I've been looking at your hack report, and I think there is something wrong.
First, the lines at the bottom, that tell how many conflicts there are, is missing, so I know that the file is not complete. Something may have gone wrong... No worries about that, though. We'll simply try again later.

But here is one big conflict that shows up multiple times:
\downloads\hackit\VAMPIRES\VampKiss_More_Interactions\vampire hunter\Influence_shaklin_vampkiss_more_interactions_rel.package
\downloads\hackit\VAMPIRES\VampKiss_More_Interactions\vampire hunter\shaklin_vampkiss_more_interactions.package

In the folder VAMPIRES\VampKiss_More_Interactions, you have two folders "basic" and "vampire hunter". And as you can see, in BOTH of these folders you have a file "Influence_shaklin_vampkiss_more_interactions_rel.package" AND a file "shaklin_vampkiss_more_interactions.package"

So apparently, you have BOTH of these mods TWICE. I don't know where you got those files, so I cannot check their description, but I do not think you should have BOTH of them in your game. And I know for certain that having them DOUBLE doesn't work at all. I think that you should delete those two files from the "basic" folder entirely, and remove one of the two mods from the "vampire hunter" folder.

And here is another conflict that worries me:

I see that couple more than once, too. I think that the mod "midgethetree_maxisarchhasmarhisoptions.package" doesn't work very well in this game.
I suggest that you rename the folder "teinrask" to "InTeenimater". That way, MidgeTheTree's mod might actually work.

When you've fixed these two problems, please run HCDU again, and then attach the new hackreport.txt. Then we can have a look at other things.
I don't think this will fix the Good-Witch problem yet. But it may help fix other problems that you haven't even noticed yet.
And once you've played one lot with a version of my "No Sim Loaded" mod once (until the notification shows up in the top right corner), your neighborhood will have lost a lot of junk files, so things may be running a little smoother.

I await your next reply. Big Grin

#10 11-04-2019 
I made those changes and run the check again. It didn't seem to fix MidgeTheTree's wedding arch mod but it did fix the vampire mod conflict! I run the "No Sim Loaded" and it fixed a lot of things for example over 6,000 rumours Big Grin I checked the palace just in case but the evil witch is still there. But this has already cleaned up my game so much though!

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