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Here are the Graphics rules, and Video cards.sgr files specific for the HD4600 graphics in your ThinkPad T440p.

For anyone looking for a "lighter" version of "Video Cards.sgr", this file covers *ONLY* the HD4600, HD 530, and HD630. There are NO OTHER video cards listed in it.

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Thank you so much!

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You're welcome. Glad to be of service.

For everyone:

I'm going to make a "lighter" series of Video Cards.sgr, and they'll be ready to upload by request. Just post your config-log.txt file, from your Documents> EA Games>The Sims2>logs folder>, I'll make you one.

They'll be listed by name. Example would be"

Instead of "Video Cards.sgr"

It will be "HD4000.sgr" (etc.)

You'll just have to rename the file back to "Video cards.sgr, after downloading it.

The reasoning behind this is because you won't actually have to open it, and sort through 100 or so, video card entries to find yours., or memorizing numbers for names.

I downloaded EVERY darned "Video Cards.sgr" file on Leefish, just to find the right one for me. I AIN'T'A gonna be doing THAT again! There's an easier way. There are also "multiple redundancies" in these files. I'm eliminating those, and re categorizing them for myself. If anyone wants these, I'll upload them, however, give me time. It'll take time to sort the mess. In the meantime, if you want one, post your config-log.txt file, and I'll see what I can do.

There are many others here that can do this, but *I*, have the time to do it.
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@Kunder I would make just ONE "Video Cards.sgr" that lists as many cards as I could come up with. That way, everyone can use the same file. As new cards come out, I'd edit the old file to include thoe new cards as well, and re-upload. That's how the original "Video Cards.sgr" as it was shipped with the game, also worked.

But yeah, that's just me...

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The issue with that is the game loads EVERYTHING. I'm not sure it includes all the info in that file, but I'm assuming so. If that's the case, then it would be better just to load your video cards information without all the other clutter. However, if you're right, and it doesn't cause extra loading time, or take other resources away, you're probably on to something there, and I WOULD be willing to build such a Video Cards.sgr file. I would need to re-edit it every time I found a card that wasn't included. On the OTHER hand, it WOULD be far easier to just use a "fix-it-all", one file solution.

I'll definitely give this some thought. Either way, the current way we're doing things here, is a hot mess. It
is difficult at best, to pick the right Video Cards.sgr file, out from the many we have on this website. Especially for a noob. Perhaps it WOULD be best to do it as you suggest.

If anyone can tell me if it matters how large the Video Cards.sgr file is, or not, that would be helpful. I'm willing to set here and create a "behemoth" Video Cards.sgr, if it'll work without using a lot of game resources.

If it doesn't matter, I'll get on it.


I know a way to get better frame rates, and far less "chop", when using on-board, HD graphics. I'm assuming it works with AMD "on-board" graphics too. It involves changing a few settings in the Intel Graphics Control Panel, or, AMD Catalyst, changing your computers "power plan" and one registry change. I'm currently testing this, and will report back with more data, when I'm finished with the testing.

So far, it hasn't crashed my game, and it "seems" to be the best adjustment to TS2 video performance, for better gameplay, than anything else I've come across so far.

I think the "Graphic Rules", have been taken as far as they can be taken (I could be wrong) *THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR YEARS OF HARD WORK, KIRI!!!*, and IF that's the case, we need other "practical" solutions that work, to improve gameplay.

Kiri, is to Graphics Rules, what "Mootilda" was to CC. Smile
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@Kunder While -- in principle -- I agree with you that we shouldn't weigh the system down with superfluous data, I would also point out that the average current "Video Cards.sgr" file is no larger than like 25 or 26KB, and it already contains hundreds of cards. In the worst case scenario, every card that you add is probably 50 or 60 bytes. For a game that processes multiple GBs of data, I wonder if those few bytes make the difference. It will most likely never be the "Behemoth" file that you fear it to become.

Yeah, it would require regularly adding new lines to the file, and re-uploading it. But would it really be less work to keep adding new files to the list? You'd still have to write those lines and upload those files...

And as you say, the current system IS a mess. Like you, I applaud all that @celebkiriedhel has done for the simming community, but on this one point she didn't follow the most efficient method.
So if it can be simplified by putting ALL the newer graphics cards (or at least any that we know about) in that one single file, that would help a lot.

And as an alternative, a single Video Cards.sgr that ONLY lists on-board graphics cards (and again ALL of them) would indeed be helpful for those who already know that their big dedicated Super New Gamers' Monster Graphics Card isn't going to work.


On the other hand, if you know of a method where using on-board graphics fixes the issues that most new-system owners are struggling with, I would welcome you to add it as an alternative to the existing system. I'm sure it would be useful for a lot of people who currently cannot properly play at all.

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Ok, I'll get started on the "megafile". I'll also make a separate HDGraphics file. A little redundant, but couldn't hurt.

Give me some time, as I have to go through my backup drives to find all of them that I have.

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@Kunder I agree. I wasn't thinking straight when I mentioned that second file with only on-board cards. At first I was thinking that it might help because it won't recognize the incompatible high-end cards. But that is non-sense, of course. The game would just list such cards as "Not in DB", but it would still see them. So forget that file.

I know that it might take some time. We all do. Still better to wait a few weeks than to know that it'll never happen. Thank you for your dedication, friend!

#9 12-04-2019 
You're welcome. I've already added 6 new HD cards. I'm buying a Thinkpad X240, just to get the HD4400 Video Cards sgr. Big Grin

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Completely off topic:

VERY interesting TS2 video.


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