Hi from Germany
#1 16-04-2019 
thanks to a recommendation from lordtyger9 (Heart) I landed here and I already found some nice mods and things here. It even helped me with a graphics problem cause someone already posted a question and answer to it here.
I'm not usually doing these introduction posts but I like the way you handle your social section. The description of the tea room (...rant - cry - complain...whatever.) makes it feel like a safe place. So here it is:
I'm from Berlin, Germany and I use the name "Lucydique" on all sim related things (except facebook where I'm Luna Big Grin ) I'm 36 going 37 later this year. I'm only playing sims 2 (never tried 3 or 4, maybe tried 1 when I was to young to remember) and fiddled around a bit with the simcity version (4?) that lets you build neighborhoods for ts2. I mostly enjoy building & decorating and usually just use the sims as models for a scene I'm building or to test/change an object. So all the mods here that keep them from dying are greatly appreciated Wink
I like to do abandoned or horror themed lots but I also sometimes try to rebuild things I saw on a TV-Show or movie. Sadly I never finish anything but that's just another one of my real-life patterns going into the game Tongue
I also can get really lost in trying to sort/organize the game content by following some of those great tutorials on hiding/recategorizing maxis content (sorry don't have the link handy) and spending hours to find out the creator of a CC I have had for decades only to decide afterwards that I don't even wanna keep it Slap
I know the basics in SimPe and just recently did my first recolors (nothing to share, just to test that I could) and use some of the other helpful programs that were created for the sims. I'm not a creator or modder so you won't ever find any uploads from me here but I love to help people so if I see a WCIF or help question that I can answer I do so. I also started translating Delphy's Download Organiser to german cause a friend of mine asked. I'm happy to help with more translations if anyone here needs anything. I even started one of those super simple google sites for some german tutorials. It's probably nothing that wasn't said before but I did it all for that one german friend I mentioned who doesn't speak english very well and I thought if I already explain it to her with all those screenshots why not save it somewhere for other people.
What else, well I have 2 cats in real live and I spend a lot of time on my computer. I hadn't played ts2 for a few years and just started doing it again a few month back. It's a common theme with me to have things that I obsess for over a period of time, than change to something else until I get back there again. Those things are usually farmville, hidden object adventures (horror themed), working on wikis (fandom) for either of those and quite recently the openfoodfacts project. I rarely do these things side by side (too much of a scatterbrain for that) so as long as I'm here for sims I don't play/work on those other projects.
Did I mention that I talk a lot? No? Well I guess you never would've figured from my post Angel
Ok, that's it from me, thanks for reading my post,
Lucy aka Luna
Lucydique, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Mar 2019.

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Welcome Lucydique Smile

#3 17-04-2019 
Welcome Lucy , we like helpful people and that food facts looks useful. I am constantly counting my calories Smile

#4 17-04-2019 
Welcome to the pond! *splash* This is a friendly crowd to swim with wave

#5 17-04-2019 
Welcome to our little pond, Lucy Smile

#6 17-04-2019 
Welcome, and a big HOWDY from Texas!

#7 17-04-2019 
Thank you all for welcoming me here.
Yes that Open food facts is a cool thing I love open source projects and try to help them with more products from germany and translations. It's supposed to be a database and can be used by other apps. Hope you don't mind me advertising it here Wink
I just love how many sites about the sims want their content to stay free and usually dislike TSR Wink It just gives me a good feeling about being around people with the same mindset. I'm getting a really good feeling here too with some of the things I read, like I think it was BO posting somwhere that there are no dumb questions and such things. It just feels like you welcome everybody and want them to feel safe with their questions or their first try on some own mod/cc.
Yeah I know I use the words "feel" and "just" way too much I blame it on not being a native speaker (althought that's probably not the reason) Big Grin
Anyways I'm glad I landed here.

#8 18-04-2019 
The only "dumb" question, is the one you failed to ask. Smile

#9 19-04-2019 
Hi @Lucydique, a warm "Hallo" from the Netherlands. Good to have you with us.

And yeah, that was me... I believe it was like "There are no dumb questions, only questions that invoke dumb or obvious answers. And even those questions are asked for a purpose: you just didn't know (yet)."

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yes that was exactly the one Big Grin


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