smooth edges do not activate
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Good evening, I'm Brazilian and my English is terrible but I need help.
My smooth edges do not activate at all! my notebook is windows 7, intel HD graphis.
Can someone help me?

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@lucirlainyy Which HD graphics? You can check in Device Manager, under "Display Adapters".

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(21-04-2019 02:39 PM)Kunder Wrote:  @lucirlainyy Which HD graphics? You can check in Device Manager, under "Display Adapters".

the problem is that it disabled some cc simply bug the game, the walls are shaking .. i did the test in another pc game with smooth edges activated and everything works perfectly.

I could not find the type, so I attached the print

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I just searched, so it seems mine is locked so it only appears intel HD graphics same. The funny thing is that the game already opens everything at the most, but with some strange bugs, and does not activate the edge smoothing in any way.

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@ lucirlainy.

Ok, I've run in to this issue before.

From what I see, you're trying to run TS2 with very, low end HD graphics, and a 1stGen i3 processor. You're also having an "Artifact" issue. that's the "glitchy" graphics you're seeing. You might brick your computer if you continue running TS2.

I had your EXACT same issues, trying to run TS2 on an Asus, K53e laptop. 2ndGen i3, and HD3000 graphics. This computer is higher spec than yours, and it wouldn't run TS2 without a lot of problems, and running the risk of blowing out the CPU.

Anything LESS than HD3000 on-board graphics, will not play TS2 right, if at all.

If you're going to run TS2, you need at LEAST dedicated graphics, and a high end Core2Duo (with only a couple of exceptions), and NO, the 1stGen i3, is NOT a better gaming CPU, than a higher C2Duo, or C2D Quad. To get ANY kind of playability out of a Core "i" processor, you need at LEAST an i5, IF you're running HD4000 graphics (3rdGen), or if you're running a 2nd, or 1stGen, CPU, you NEED either nVidia, or Radeon graphics. This does NOT apply to desktops, as you can upgrade the video in those.

Yes, you can run TS2 on the older Core2Duo's, BUT only if it has nVidia, or Radeon graphics. Running TS2 with any GMA graphics, is risky!

I recommend you take $50, to $125 (if you can), jump on Ebay, Amazon, or some pawn shop, and find yourself an older, PROPERLY WORKING, HP Compaq 6715b (they have Radeon graphics), a ThinkPad T500 WITH Radeon graphics, or an i5 (or i7) powered T420, with nVidia graphics. The nVidia T420, will probably be the easiest to find. For around $150, you can find a T430, or T430s with nVidia, and i5. That would even be better. These will play TS2 just fine. If you have $150-$200 USD, The T440p, even with just the HD4600 graphics, is the "best bang for your Simoleons". It plays TS2 VERY well! You DON'T need the nVidia graphics in this machine to play TS2.

You need to be running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1. TS2, and Windows 10, especially after "creators" update, don't play well at all, with one another!

You might ruin your CPU. It just doesn't have enough graphics power to play TS2!

And one more thing. DON'T buy a brand new machine thinking you can use it to play TS2. For the most part, it won't work.

I know people don't want to hear "You need a different computer", but the fact is, TS2, is a VERY old game, and newer Windows, and hardware, have moved on.

Here are a couple of threads I started. Please read them. They may save you some grief.
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that strange, I have a samsung i3 notebook too, with less RAM and it works perfectly. All-in-one and with anti-aliasing enabled. Anyway the best thing to do is play the Sims 3 same, because it is running normally.

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Some of that depends on the "Generation" of your i3. A 3rdGen i3 should use dedicated graphics. A 4th, 5th, and 6thGen i3, will run with the HD graphics, PROVIDED you're using Win7, or Win 8.1.
A 3rdGen i3 can be over stressed with 3D graphics. I've seen a few i3 laptops ruined because someone over stressed the on-board graphics. You CAN, but SHOULD you. That's the issue.

Some of that depends on the hardware configuration.

Some of that depends on how the software is set up.

There are always exception to the rules. I have a new MSI, i7-7700 HD630/nVidia 1070Ti/Windows 10 laptop that I manage to run TS2 "NoCD, All-In-One" perfectly.


I don't know how, and I haven't been able to get it running on any other "High End" laptop since. I still consider myself a little bit of a "noob" for TS2. However, I'm certainly no computer "noob".
I base my advice on my experience.


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