What Sims game do you play the most?
#1 22-04-2019 
Many players find different games in the sims series their favourite and with the issues some games bring, cannot play what they wanted. So what is everyone's most played sims game?

#2 22-04-2019 
It depends what I want to play like Smile

For being able to quickly make something for the game, it has to be Sims2.

For the open hood and Sim on a bike which for me never gets old, Sims3.

If I feel like a quick throwaway play then I play Sims4.

Most played? Sims2 by a lot Big Grin

#3 22-04-2019 
At the moment, I play 4 the most. I never play 3 anymore because it doesn't get along with my PC. I mostly create (things other than lots, not that I don't make TS2 lots, just that I do make TS4 lots as well) for 2. But like Lee, I have, hands down, played 2 the most overall.

#4 23-04-2019 
When I play Sims, it is Sims 2 only. I don't own any others, nor do I plan on buying them.

#5 24-04-2019 
I play TS2 mostly. I also have "Castaways", and "Life Stories". Haven't played "LS" much yet, but plan on in the future.
I probably play "Castaways" after Sims 2. I also have TS3. GREAT game, but I don't like the "Pie Faced" Sims. They just look weird. If TS3, had TS2 Sims, I'd be playing TS3 exclusively, but alas...
I have TS4, but I don't play it. I have TS1 also, but it's too "confining" after playing TS2.
I had TS Medieval, but I really didn't like it at all. I think I deleted it from my library.

A game I've been playing a lot lately, is "The Long Dark". It's replay value, is just as good as TS2.
If you're "adventurous", you should really give this one a go! *NOT* easy!

#6 24-04-2019 
I play sims 4 a lot. I used to play sims 3 a lot but it runs too slow and I cant get sims 2 to work so I cant play that. I love making sims and building in sims 4 tho

#7 24-04-2019 
I'm a diehard TS2 player. I mostly build but can create simple recolours should I want to. I do have TS1, TS3 and TS4 too though.

#8 25-04-2019 
It's a shame that you can't get Sims2 to work. If it was something you wanted/could afford to do then kinder has a lot of knowledge regarding getting older laptops cheap and running Sims2.


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