#1 25-04-2019 
I go by cjvandever, which basically my name. Not terribly clever, but I've been using it for years. I have played The Sims 2 since it came out. I played the Sims 1 before that. I have tried to play both the Sims 3 and Sims 4, but I just didn't love them like I love the Sims 2. I'm probably older than all of you. Been on the planet a long time. I will probably play Sims 2 until I'm too old to remember Bella and Mortimer. I have no experience with creating or modding, but LOVE people who generously give their time and talent to those pursuits. You make my game so much better. Thank you!

#2 25-04-2019 
You can't possibly be older than ME *splash* LOL!
Welcome to the pond wave

#3 25-04-2019 
Hallo and thank you for thanking all the people who give the game a bit more longevity. Many leefishers are quite old, but look younger due to splashing about in a tank all day.

#4 25-04-2019 
Welcome cjvandever! Smile

#5 25-04-2019 
I am old too! Welcome to our little pond Smile

#6 27-04-2019 
Hi @cjvandever, welcome in the big little pond.
It seems that in these here local waters, the population is mostly defined by longevity and advanced experience. In that respect, I feel right at home here as well.

#7 27-04-2019 
I'm older than dirt. Tongue

Welcome @cjvandever


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