#1 12-05-2019 
I uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice. The second time adding nothing to the game, like cc or even the graphics rules and I'm still crashing no matter what I do.
[Image: Sims2-Crash.jpg]

#2 12-05-2019 
Hi @Arily,

That's just too bad, isn't it? Some of us here would LOVE to help you, but without more information, NOBODY will be able to make even the wildest guess about what might be going on.

We may need to know things like your version of windows, version of DirectX, version of the game (as in which EPs/SPs, or if you have the UC), and possibly we might even need information like what CPU, how much memory, and what Graphics Card you have. Without all that, no matter how much we would like to help, the best we can do is say "That's just too bad, isn't it?"

So, please, tell us more.

#3 12-05-2019 
Let me guess..... Windows 10?

#4 12-05-2019 
Update: I think I needed the 4gb patch so I installed that, I then had terrible flashing pink which I think was an error in the Graphics Rules so I fixed that as well and things are working fine.

When I redid my computer due to hard drive failure I kinda lost everything and when I reinstalled I forgot the 4gb patch.

Thank you for trying to help me though =)

#5 13-05-2019 
Get yourself an EXTERNAL drive, and back up your Video Cards.sgr, your Graphics Rules.SGR, all your TS2 related stuff, and your \Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2 folder. This will save you a lot of grief.

#6 13-05-2019 
I actually have two harddrives in my computer one for backups and one for the os and they both crashed lolol

I was able to save some stuff but I lost a lot as well.

#7 13-05-2019 
Wow! THAT'S weird! Never had two drives go at once. That's a good reason for an external drive. They're powered on for much less time, thus last longer.

#8 14-05-2019 
Yea I wasn't too happy. The HDD was very old though so that was understandable but then the SSD started acting funny and had a lot of bad sectors.

#9 14-05-2019 
Do you use a swapfile?, is your disk defragmenter turned on? Do you store your "personal files" (My Documents/Downloads/Music/Pictures/etc, on your SSD? Do your temporary files use your SSD? There are MANY reasons a SSD can fail.

Turn OFF your Disk Defrag.
Eliminate your Swapfile, but ONLY if you have better than 8gb/RAM.


If you don't want, or can't get a second HDD in your computer, then get a 64, or 128gb SDcard. Have your TEMP files, Downloads, etc. redirected there.

#10 15-05-2019 
As for Defragging: if you use Defraggler, you should be able to keep defragging enabled. Because that program is modern and smart enough to know that it should NEVER do that to SSD drives. And in case you don't trust its judgement, you can also configure it to stay away from those drives.

@Kunder: on the Swapfile: Thanks for the tip about disabling that. I think I must have edited that file before, because both minimum and maximum size were set to 1024MB. Inspired by your tip I've been reading up, and found that there is very little use for it on my system, because I got 16 GB ram and BOTH my internal drives are SSD. And since I seldom have more than one application open at a time, how much chance will there be that my system paints itself into a corner, memory-wise?

Oh, and why in heaven's name do I still have Defraggler installed? It no longer serves a purpose, if it isn't allowed to run anyway. I'm gonna kill that pronto!


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