Hello my friends
#1 18-05-2019 
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I have been watching this forum for a while and I find people very friendly, so I want to post this to exchange and get to know everyone, I am happy to receive your welcome.

#2 18-05-2019 
Hi Pauline! Smile

#3 18-05-2019 
I extend my welcome to you, @Pauline. Enjoy your stay in this here little big pond. Smile

#4 18-05-2019 
Welcome, from Texas!

#5 18-05-2019 
Hi Pauline, wanna tell something more about yourself? I too think the people here are super friendly I'm sure you will enjoy your time here!

#6 19-05-2019 
Hello, Pauline, and welcome. The people here are exceptionally nice and talented. I hope you enjoy it.

#7 19-05-2019 
A warm fishy welcome to our pond Smile Enjoy your stay!

#8 20-05-2019 
@Karen Lorraine

I went Bass fishing today. Caught some nice ones. If any "Simmers" are missing from here, let me know, If not, as of tomorrow, they'll be batter fried, and eaten with home made Tartar sauce!

#9 26-05-2019 
(19-05-2019 08:22 AM)Karen Lorraine Wrote:  A warm fishy welcome to our pond Smile Enjoy your stay!
you know when the water gets warm someone peed in it! Rofl

#10 27-05-2019 
It's Texas.... ALL the water is warm.


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