Access Violation Error with Windows 7, DVD's all EXP and Stuff packs
#1 19-05-2019 
I think I's about to throw in the towel with this. My old computer died and so I had to buy a new one. I insisted on Windows 7 for my new computer, because that was what I had on the old computer and it ran the Sims 2 beautifully. Well, with the new machine, I can play for a couple of hours and then when leaving a lot to go to the neighborhood, my game crashes. The lot doesn't seem to matter. I have crashed leaving a lot of 6 sims, and leaving a lot with 1 sim. I have applied the video card fix that the wonderful and talented Kiri has made for those of us less blessed than she in the computer smarts department. I have installed the 4gb patch. I'm still crashing. I am playing from the original DVD's and have all expansion and stuff packs. I tried the 50/50 CC removal method, and that did not seem to help. If I have bad CC, then I have more than one piece of it. Oh, I have also tried the fixes Jessa from GOS suggested with no success. My very last hope, before I have to go line by line in my over 9,000 item CC folder, is that there is something functional. Which is what I'm hoping that someone here can help with. I've attached my config log and my error log. I know the Access Violation is a pretty generic error. Hopefully, something stands out. Thanks so much for your help.

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Hi, @cjvandever,

I'm sorry that you have to go through this. Having a game spit on you from within a new system is no fun. Let's see what we can do to make it more pliable.
You say you've applied the 4gb patch, but I think this might STILL be a memory issue. Here's a question that I would like to have the answer to:
--- After the game has crashed, I would like you to start it up again and go back to the household that you just left. I want to know if the game saved your progress correctly.
If it did, it's not as bad as it look, but we still need and want to fix it, of course.

The first thing that I notice from your config-log, is that your Video Card is not in the Database. The so-called Video Card fix that you mention having applied, does not work if the Video Card itself is not configured correctly.
So let us fix that first now, OK?

In your M&G installation folder, you need to open "TSData/Res/Config/Video Cards.sgr", and right below the line that says:
vendor "NVIDIA" <some numbers>
you should add a line that says:
card 0x13c0 "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980"
Then save the file, and make a copy of it to "TSData/Res/CSConfig"

Then it's time to try playing the game again. Open some household, play a little bit, and then BEFORE you try going back to the neighborhood, first SAVE the game. Only go back to the 'hood, after saving has finished.

Now does it go back to the 'hood without crashing, or not?
With your next post, could you attach a dxdiag report, please? It may help us improve your Graphics Rules.sgr.

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Thanks so much for answering me. The problem is I can't open the .sgr file. I've attached a screenshot of my config. I know I"m probably being really stupid, but the internet does not give me a good choice as to which file association to use to open these files. Which do you recommend?[Image: screenshot.jpg]

Can I just use notepad? There are all kinds of third party vendors offering file opening programs and one site said that using the wrong program can cause more problems. But someone on MTS said that notepad would be an OK choice.
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Open with notepad, save a copy as txt, then rename the txt to sgr. You will get a are you sure etc message, yes, you are sure.

#5 20-05-2019 
My favorite text editor software is a thrid-party program named UltraEdit. The first version of this software was released 25 years ago, and I've been using it for about 20 years. With UltraEdit, ANY file can effortlessly be edited. However, it is not a free program, so not the best choice for everyone.

So I would advise going for Leefish' suggestion. You could first rename the file to .txt, so it can easily be opened with Notepad, and afterwards, you could rename it back to .sgr.

#6 20-05-2019 
Well, I managed to get the video card.sgr edited as per BO's request. Took me longer than I would like to admit, lol. Thanks for your help, Leefish. Played the previously crashed lot, and yes, it saved the game before it crashed. Was able to play and leave that lot with no problem. Then I played a couple of other lots, left them with no problem. Played a community lot for a while and the game crashed when I was leaving the community lot. I am attaching all the logs and dxdiag you requested. Thank you for all your help.

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Oh, a random weirdness popped up after I edited the video card.sgr. The first dialogue box when call to adopt a baby is blank. It’s the one that asks if you sure you want to adopt. The second one, approving or denying your adoption request is fine. I thought that was a bit odd. I haven’t played enough o notice if other dialogue boxes are blank or not. It’s not a huge thing to me, as long as my other dialogue boxes are working.

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Hi @cjvandever,

Well, so far so good. Thank you for the extensive information. The more info you provide, the easier it is for us to try and help.
The problem with the blank dialog box might be caused by some mod, or maybe a conflict between two mods. But let's look at that later, after we've fixed the crashes.

Congrats on making your first edit. So far it went reasonably well for a first time, but I noticed that your edit of the Video Cards.sgr is not entirely perfect. You left out the word "NVIDIA" at the front of the Video Card name. It currently reads just "Geforce GTX 980", and sometimes this may become a problem. So I would suggest that you correct that.

And while you're training that "edit sgr files" muscle, you could also do a little work on the "Graphics Rules.sgr". Open it in the same way as you did with Video Cards.sgr, and scroll down to the point where it says
# Kiri - manually setting texture memory
seti textureMemory 1744

(this is around line 47 or 48, so not very far down) and change the number to 3694.

After saving and renaming, again, copy this file to the CSConfig folder as well.

After this, I'm hoping that there will be even less crashing. If not, then someone else must help you further, I'm afraid. Because this is as much as I understand of it.

#9 20-05-2019 
Well, I made both those change and they are reflected in my config log, but unfortunately, I had another crash after playing for an hour or so. I do thank you so much for your help. You have been completely awesome. I guess it's time to go item by item through the CC files. Sigh. It's going to take forever. Why in the world do I have so much CC? LOL. Thanks again.

#10 20-05-2019 
Hey, there is still the possibility that someone else (such as @Kunder, for example) has a trick up their sleeve, which could help you getting it sorted out. Just a little patience, and who knows... Smile

Anyway, I was happy to give whatever help I could. I'm sad that it wasn't enough to fix the issue.


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