Hello Leefish et al . . .
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Hello, Hello! Smile

Longtime player, since May 2000; my children were in diapers then! Now they are in their early Twenties! : o

Loved 1 & 2, couldn't get into 3 so much and 4 I haven't honestly 'tried'. I was invited to download/try the Create-a-Sim demo for 4 at some point and did make 1 Sim, but after hearing all the 'details via the grapevine' I didn't think I'd ever take to it like I have Sims 2. There is just 'something' about 2 that 'hooked me'; I find it very endearing. Aside from that, 2 has 'seen me' through some very difficult periods of life and it NEVER fails to make me smile. Unless it 'crashes', then I go from Happy to PO'ed in a millisecond ...haha

I've dabbled in Creating for The Sims since Sims 1; at the EOL of The Sims I was starting to 'hack objects' - what fun! Though I never got back into 'modding' as in Sims 1 with 2, I have done Recolors and such for 2, which I still enjoy doing from time to time.

In any case, it's great to be here Finally, I'm more of a Lurker type, but for some 'reason' I had the 'urge' to sign up today. I guess I wanted another 'avenue' for CONTACT with my Own Kind; my other 'avenue' being MTS. My hubby will NEVER understand me & my Sims . . . ever. He really does think I'm crazy when he hears me 'talking' to 'them' . . . I've told him over and over across the years that EVERYONE talks to their Sims! He thinks I'm lying. Oh well, he will never understand and he doesn't have to; there's quite a bit about him that I'll never understand either, so we're even. Wink

Oddly enough, when I initially purchased The Sims back in May 2000, I did so with my HUSBAND in mind! I read the box, thought he'd LOVE controlling 'little people', but when I got the game home he had no interest! : o

Over the years I've arrived at this thinking: You're either a 'Sims person' or you're not, and if you're not you most likely never will be.

I really cannot explain to my Husband WHY it's not 'boring' to make sure my 'fake people' use the toilet/eat/shower/go to work, etc. He (for some reason) doesn't grasp that the game is way MORE than just that 'needs' stuff.

SEE? He's NOT a 'Sims Person', but Thankfully I Am. Wink

Again, it's great to be here; Thanks for having me. Smile



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Hallo and welcome. My partner also thinks sims is a strange hobby, but is understanding and sometimes uses Sim references. For example, we call the occupants of the houses opposite ( we can see their gardens from our balcony) sim1, sim2 etc and when we were looking to buy our new flat we called tiny bathrooms Sim bathrooms, meaning a 3 tile room.

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Hello Leefish! Thanks for the Welcome; much appreciated. Smile

*I must admit, we have a 'Sim Bathroom' just off the Kitchen. Our home was built the year my Dad was born ('41) and I'm convinced it used to be a Pantry prior to being converted.

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Welcome Miska,

Tell your hubby that *I* talk to my sims, and I'm a guy!
But then I'm a strange kind of simmer anyway. Because I never thought I'd be a 'Sims Person' until a friend of mine showed me Sims 2 on his system in 2008. From that moment, my heart belongs to the Sims. But only to the TS2 Sims. I've tried 1, which didn't work for me, and I heard enough sad stories of how 3 and 4 got crippled in creation that I lost all interest in even trying them.

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Hi, Miska. I also talk to my Sims, especially when they displease me! Lol. My daughter prefers the Sims 1, but we both have incorporated “sims-isms” into our conversations. She likes to use “bogenschnot” as a expression of surprise and we both use “gerbits, gerbits, voe gerbits!” when we watch sporting things on TV. The game is just a part of the family at this point. Welcome and enjoy these helpful, kind and talented people.

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BO! <3 Vive les Sims, et vive les hommes qui aiment les Sims... Wink lol Tongue

EDIT: oh, btw, sorry, Welcome Miska!!
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*splash* Hiya! Welcome to our pond - where the water's always fun to swim in...

Maybe our hubs/partners/and "better halfs" ought to form their own club. The I-don't-know-what-you-see-in-those-silly-pixel-people-but-I'm-glad-you're-having-fun club? LOL!

Su su! wave

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Hey welcome to the pond!

My husband and kids, except my eldest who plays too (even if she is into TS4!) don't understand my fixation with the sims either! Although my husband will give his opinion on things I create if I ask him to (he has a good eye for design and colour, shhh, don't tell him I said so!).

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Hello and welcome Miska!

(23-05-2019 05:23 PM)Miska Wrote:  Over the years I've arrived at this thinking: You're either a 'Sims person' or you're not, and if you're not you most likely never will be.
that pretty much sums it up Wink
I also think that once your hooked to one of the versions (1, 2, 3 or 4) your likely to stick to that one and not change again. I personally am mostly to lazy to learn how things work in another version and would be frustrated about everything that didn't work at all Tongue

I too am pretty much only here and on MTS, I've registered on some other places but I don't socialise there. I recently joined some groups on facebook but it's just too unorganised for my taste. I really like the vibe of leefish it's relaxed and fun you just feel at home right away Heart

Since people here were using some of the simlish words I was wondering if the language is written somewhere. Some people write "su su" and others "sul sul" so do people who use the language just use what they think they heard or is there like an official source? I personally don't listen (or talk) to my sims (well I yell at my computer if that counts) but I'm more into building anyways.

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Indeed, that pretty much Sims it up... @Lucydique @Miska @ everyone ...

It's like the Fringe TV show; when it was aired on TV (2008-2013 originally, and into 2014-2016 with the various re-broadcastings...), I couldn't have had *anybody* watch it and like it, with me. Sad Never.

Yet, it's a fantastic and well-made story, totally 'wrapped up' in 5 seasons and 100 episodes...

Then, you're either a 'Fringe person' or you're not... Wink (I was about to add: both in the figurative sense AND in the literal sense!) Cool


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