Jones' Family Update
#21 26-07-2019 
Oh Jones, I'm so glad that you still found a way to get to Columbus. At least there is now acknowledgement of Bay's condition, and treatment, and most importantly, information!

{{{Hugz}}} for your entire family, Jones.

(By the way: Keppra goes at roughly $7.50 per pill? That's not a cheap drug... I hope you have reasonable health coverage...)

#22 27-07-2019 
We have some health coverage, it's so-so, but the Keppra is $18 a month. Could be worse for sure, but higher than we were anticipating. But could definitely be worse if we had no coverage!

#23 28-07-2019 
Seeing asking prices on the web of $445 per box of 60, I think that $18 per month is a pretty good deal. But then, I realize that I have no knowledge of your situation.

#24 29-07-2019 
Quinn is scheduled to make her grand arrival next Friday, the 9th. Elise goes to the Children's Ortho clinic Monday about her tendon. Hoping to get Bay in for her MRI (to rule out any other possible specific causes of her seizures) before the c-section because I wont be able to take her for several weeks if I can't get it scheduled before then (no driving after c-section).

#25 06-08-2019 
Ortho appointment went well. PT for Elise (will have to start after my 6 wks of non driving, but it's ok) She'll have 6 weeks of PT then if it's not helping will do an in shoe brace. Doctor said normally one or both of those are enough to correct the tendons. He said surgery is a last option, but it's also not absolutely necessary. So I think we'd probably just let her be a toe walker forever if the non surgical options didn't work for some reason.

All good at my non stress test today. Still scheduled for c-section Friday. Quinn still hates any sort of equipment "touching her". She "fought" the belly monitor things, just like she does the doppler at the doctor and the ultrasound wand. Which is a good thing, as far as medical staff is concerned, not such a good thing for me! This child is seriously out of room, but she doesn't seem to notice. I feel like she still tries the gymnastics she did when she was smaller and had more room.

#26 06-08-2019 
Must be getting uncomfortable for you by now, Jones. As an atheist I'm not a spiritual person, so I do not pray. But I *do* hope that the universe will be kind to you.

#27 06-08-2019 
Thanks. I must be obviously uncomfortable. The nurse training at my NST said "You must be running out of room for baby, I can see it in your face." Very true. Less than 3 days to go. I just have to keep reminding myself...

#28 09-08-2019 
Quinn Riley Wears. 8/9/19 (or 9/8/19 for all you non Americans lol) 8:19 am, 7lbs 1oz, 18in long.

#29 09-08-2019 
She's beautiful, just like her mummy Heart

#30 10-08-2019 
YAY!!! YAY!!! Congrats Heart She is darling Angel you can take a deep breath, and enjoy Wink
Good work Mom and Dad!


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