Jones' Family Update
#31 17-08-2019 
My little piggy is already back up to her birth weight (plus half an ounce). She's gained about a pound since she came home on Sunday. Doctor said she'd normally see her again next week too, but since she's obviously gaining well she doesn't need to see her till she's a month old.

#32 18-08-2019 
Here in the UK a midwife visits you daily until you're 10 days post partum and weighs baby most days. Good luck hun xxx

#33 24-09-2019 
Bailey's birthday is Thursday (11). I probably should have posted this sooner, but if anyone would like to send her a card, I know she'd love it; she's had a rough year. If you'd like to but are worried it wont come in time, I'm sure she won't care if it's after her birthday. That would just extend her birthday a bit Wink

Bailey Wears
706 W Chestnut St.
Mt Vernon, Ohio 43050

#34 06-10-2019 
Bailey had a good birthday. Brandon's aunt gave us money to take the girls and Bay's friend to a kids play place thing. They had a blast. I'm so glad she was able to do something special. It's been hard on her lately. She's doing good on her meds, hasn't had any big seizures since she's been on it. Been plugging away at surveys to try to get enough for her med refill tomorrow, hopefully I get enough. I'mabout half way there, I ought to be able to do it. She goes back to the neuro clinic this month, and she still needs to have her MRI. Hope that goes well, she's nervous about the MRI.


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